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Banana Caribbean

The program for the Austrian citizenship investment includes not only the principal applicant and his family (spouse and minor children). Investment – this is not a donation (as in the case of the citizenship of Dominica for investments in which you want to donate State from 75 to 100 thousand USD). It's your money that will work for you. The rate of return on the six million euros is unknown, as archly can observe our adversaries and rivals, who have no such opportunities … But again again, this is money the investor, his personal working capital, and not a gift Banana Caribbean country for a little liquid, although legal, passport (passport for Europe Commonwealth of Dominica, Visa). Moreover, one of Austria's passport the best documents for travel around the world.

It allows you to visit without a visa a lot of countries (including the U.S.) and entitles you to live in any European country, as well as in Switzerland. The latter circumstance may be interested in. many, very many. Many are broken in Switzerland, the best European country with the most reliable and confidential banks in the world. But what is the nationality of Switzerland? Let us explain.

To receive the permit in the (one-year residence permit in Switzerland) and in 10 years to renew it every year before the permit C (Swiss permanent residence) and then after two years of residence in the mode of permanent residence in Switzerland can apply for citizenship in Switzerland and get a passport. Just something for twelve years. This term for a Russian businessman, seems to put it mildly, is not appropriate. In this case, citizenship and passports in Austria – the ideal, and most importantly, a legitimate option to settle in Switzerland for good. At present, we can to offer two different programs receiving Austrian residence permit. The cost of legal support for residence permit in Austria from 90.000 euros to 200,000 euros depending on the chosen program design residence permit in Austria. Those who still wants to take the path of investment in the Austrian economy and direct acquisition of citizenship, we recommend you arrange to start to invest, and after two years apply for citizenship in Austria, to the consideration Austrian authorities have already appeared rooted in the Austrian business. In passing, we note that the registration of citizenship and second passport Austria's position on terms ranging from 9 to 18 months. Source of publication and copyright: Dual citizenship second citizenship, second passport