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Horticulture Operation Saves Bahres Money

Provider change brings lower costs for energy-intensive horticulture Duisburg, 05.11.2010: awareness of tradition does not mean that a company is not open to new ideas. Also Peter Grebenstein, owner of the family business since 1904 gardening Lodenkamper in Ahlen, wants to go new ways of energy supply and significantly reduce its costs. A change of the regional basic utilities to the PCC energy GmbH, which specializes in the nationwide supply of commercial customers, medium-sized companies and chain stores with electricity and gas offers the possibility to do so. Thus, the student can save annually up to 4,000 euros. The competition from other horticulture companies, construction and weekly markets is great.

Peter Grebenstein will therefore settle by good service from competitors. And he also expects that its energy suppliers. He was as often dissatisfied with his current provider: the settlement was not transparent, and he often felt that the customer is only administered. At PCC, they are energy, however, through a single point of contact in one of the 26 Regional offices maintained. They have industry expertise and know the needs and can develop so tailor-made energy solutions. Jim Umpleby spoke with conviction. The horticulture is an energy-intensive industry due to the raising of plants in greenhouses and the high demand for heating in the winter. Horticulture Lodenkamper uses 25,000 kWh of electricity and 170,000 kilowatt-hours of gas annually. For that, the company pays some 15,000 euros.

The energy-saving benefits in our area are limited”, says Grebenstein. That he still can save annually several thousand euro through a provider change, is a good alternative for him. PCC energy buys electricity and gas at reasonable times at international stock exchanges and markets and provides the energy therefore typically to lower tariffs as the regional provider. Customers can even up to four years to fix the prices and have a solid basis for their energy costs. There is information about the individual supply solutions under. There can Interested in with just a few clicks go directly to PCC energy. The provider within the framework of action to give energy issues customers who decide in November on the site to the Exchange,”the basic fee. About PCC energy the PCC Energie GmbH supplies nationwide commercial customers, medium-sized companies, as well as chain stores with electricity and gas. About 100 people are employed at head office in Duisburg and the nationwide 26 regional offices. As a subsidiary of the internationally active group of companies PCC SE, PCC has access to all important energy exchanges in Europe’s energy.


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