The Most Expensive “smart House” In The World

Probably anyone would like to live in a house where the windows opened toward the sun's rays, the doors swing open as soon as the boss is on the doorstep, and carpets are cleaned from dust yourself at least once a week. Once such desire is embodied in the tales: to take at least a story about Ali Baba and the magic cave, let to enter those who utter the phrase "Open Sesame!". Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Horowitz. What is not controlled by voice system of opening doors? However, fiction fiction, fantasy and reality, people began to be implemented in 60 of the last century. Wealthy Americans are already able to afford a number of new household appliances, greatly facilitating life: washing machines, air conditioners, built-in wall or "exiting" from the bedside televisions. And then appeared and lighting systems operate at a couple of claps his hands – the envy and admiration of less than advantaged people in the financial plan. House equipped with all these amenities are called smart home, but they were still very far from modern intelligent buildings. A real sensation was the house of a Japanese professor Ken Sakamury built in the late 1980's in Tokyo.

Weather sensors it determines when to open the window, and when the air conditioner, audio sensors fed signal to close the window when the music could prevent neighbors and reduced volume of the audio when a phone call. At that time it was the perfect smarthaus. But progress does not stand still, and to date the most expensive and "clever" home of the world is an eight-home Bill Gates.