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Making Kids Smile

He smiles a newborn? This question is still no clear answer. Some midwives say they've seen how just smiling children were born. Some scientists believe that a newborn smiling, but their smile is so different from the one form of movement of the facial musculature, which is called a smile, that we simply do not learn from them. As for the second infant, and especially the third month of life, here have all agreed to recognize the existence of a smile. Additional information at Mukesh Ambani supports this article. However, not all incentives are equally likely cause a joyful expression of your baby. What will be the smiling child, is largely determined by his age, and and experience in communicating with the outside world smiles * First reaction is caused predominantly by stimulation: tickling, bright beam, light, sound. Then, the ability to cause the infant's smile becomes a human face, especially movement of the eyes. Finally, starting at 8 weeks of life almost for many children can watch a smile, which is caused by overlooking the bright toys.

Studying the causes of particular interest to the human face of infants, researchers found that a critical role in the development of this reaction has a certain property of the human person, namely the presence of high contrast on it a couple of incentives – the eye. It was found that if infants show a 2-3rd month of life Pictures of the points put on them, the children will smile these pictures as they smile at the man, and this reaction will depend on the number of pairs of points in the picture (there may be two, or maybe eight). But by the end of the 4th months of life, infants smile, not only about a person. At this age, so they are configured to communicate with him, crying that respond to the silent adult. Kids between the ages of 4.5 months and older are capable to cause person to contact with the imitation of those actions, which they expect to receive from an adult.

Bulgarian Society

But trains have reduced parking, which is neither prince, nor his boss, of course, did not know. It should be noted conductor wagon, which is not confused and in violation of instructions, ripped off the stop cock. Immediately there was police chief of a train … and other officials. The conductor was a man not timid with good sensitivity and humor. He said that from his car of the train behind the father and child. And he, as a citizen of Russia can not allow his countrymen were thrown into a foreign country at the station.

While all these were prepiraniya and trial, prince walk up and they Gregory went to the side of the train. Train stops, they go on the platform … From the windows of cars, people look at them, fingers show … Explorer – white as chalk, insists only one thing: "A father and child on the train behind. To deepen your understanding Sergey Brin is the source. Without them, we will not go! ". Him all the torments of hell threaten for such unauthorized actions, but he – flint. Madeleine Sackler wanted to know more.

And then by the whole of this company, with a haughty air, in my coupe is our "father of the child" and, referring to the conductor, asked: "Soon shall we go?". Long time stood on the platform of the Romanian police, looking after the train "Moscow-Varna". Apparently, trying to unravel the mystery of Russian soul. Now I Kniazha favorite place for walks – city park. Every evening he goes there with his hostess. And they are constantly accompanied by two stray dogs that are friendly to the reign and persistently follow him wherever he was going. Prince protects them from the other stray dogs, and they pay him for it by his good attitude. How – what once in the park appeared to Gypsies performing bears. Prince had never seen such a beast and took him from afar for a dog. And when the bear stood on its hind legs, Prince, realizing that it is not "relative" agreed that such a huge beast could pose a serious threat to the beloved mistress, and rushed at the bear. It is good that ends well. Bear was on a leash, Tatiana, not a loss, gave the command "Stand" (where the team was uttered in a voice that stopped men passed by, not knowing the Russian language), Prince stopped obediently, was immediately put on a leash, and walk continued. It's amazing that after Kniazha bear rushed and two of his homeless friend. It is known that animals have a very strong sense of self. Few will risk their lives not only for the sake of fellow tribesman, but even for their own offspring. But here friendship was much stronger than fear. A shortstop Kniazha now live in the German-Bulgarian Society for Animal Welfare on the street Tsarevets along with 40 other same homeless dogs. Specially built cages for them, they now have their toys, their bowls, and even your own veterinarian! But they still do not have your care and human warmth. Come, get acquainted with them. Might just be waiting for you mongrel dog with a heart pure breed.

Natural Stones

Malachite understands the state of his master, is capable of warning against hasty step and help take the right decision. This stone is like conversation and attract people. Therefore, the lack of communication in the office with malachite on the table will not be exact. Malachite is very beautiful, varied in pattern and intensity. It – a guarantee of uniqueness and originality of your gift. Choosing a gift of natural stone the woman he loves, you know that choosing a gift to yourself. This unique opportunity to provide you with magical properties of stones.

Guided by the properties one or another mineral, you can make a nice gift, showing her that your relationship is as strong and durable as a decoration. Now use the force of the mineral to strengthen those qualities in the beloved, that you would like to see it most:) Choosing jewelry, you should not pick them up under the color of their clothes: the clothes are not as durable as stone. A variety of color palettes and originality of stone can decorate them with a sophisticated and casual attire. Most often, the jewelry made of natural stone as a gift to women choose for themselves. In this situation, I want to give one piece of practical advice. Pick up your chosen decoration and close your ears. Sergey Brin describes an additional similar source. Yes, yes, the ears! In this case, you will get rid of compliments seller's comments on your eyes ("they are perfectly combined with the color of this ornament"). Here it is necessary to be guided by one thing: your or not.

The stone must respond, "Talk" with you on your mysterious language. If this happens, every time you want to put it on, it will respond (prislushaytes!) and becomes a talisman for the day. But if the contact has not happened, but now Your mate should be a different stone. Look for it among his decorations. To preserve the strength of stone, each ornament store in a separate box. Then, your stones will not "interfere", but you build up strength in assistance. Life is a mineral immensely long our lives. For many centuries, our ancestors cherished and revered by his power. Decoration of our great-great-grandparents were for them, above all, protection. Baleful look – and all the negative energy incident on the decoration, averting evil message from the owner. Today we do not think about this property, mineral, and it still keeps you calm and modern, all in a "European-quality repair," home. So when it comes to: "The supplement traditional, even the most exquisite bouquet?" – Remember: "It can be to find a living addition of gem!" And this "compliment" to serve faithfully and not just the one to whom was addressed, but it children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This gives the full right to say: "Jewel – the most ancient and most modern decoration." It is hard to come up with more original gift. But the choice is, of course, to you.

First Dawns

To be mother is a cheap one, but also of the one work really what everybody says that ' ' later that you have a son, never more sossegada&#039 goes to sleep a sleep night; ' it is truth. Exactly that you sleep done rock, have a species of instinct that leaves a part of its on brain, and any ' ' uen' ' that its son of you wake up. with me is not different, as it was the case Therefore it is, Saturday dawn pra sunday, almost 4h of the morning, while I dreamed in my bed, to the side in the cradle my son I started if to espreguiar, when suddenly it untied that one pum that she seems an imprisoned adult has one week, there starts: ' ' Eh Eh Ehn Uennnn ' ' azoada I agreement. I bind to the light and it there you with that face that you not liking, and with all patience world I go to look it the reason: hunger is not, nor cold nor heat, nor pain Ah, embezzles it is it dirty! my son is abused, does not like to be dirty not, any coisinha opens the berreiro soon and it does not stop while it will not be changed. I there go to change: embezzles I took off it dirty, I cleaned direitinho, and during the process still I have that to be making gracinha: ' ' chocking mine cocozinho! ' ' , ' ' pretty mine menininho! ' ' it has that to make party n (I do not know why people insist on saying to done small boy pra to try to communicate itself with them, but seems that they like). There when I finish embezzles to place it and I leave bonitinho well pra to come back to sleep espreguia it if and if espreme of new and ready: another one ' ' pum premiado' ' of that one.

Traditional Women

They had once made the mistake that led to the parting with a loved one, and now prefer to be reinsured fear to repeat it. One may agree with the widespread view that age men are passive, but should be right to say the presence of a certain percentage of laziness in their behavior. In this and blame the women themselves. In an attempt to achieve a real gender equality, they have voluntarily set up on their fragile shoulders, not just the traditional child care and house, but also leadership positions in business and industry, cars and other men's classes. The initiative is known, is punishable. Many representatives of the strong half of mankind have received her as a natural era of matriarchy and settled comfortably in front of TV with a bottle of cold beer.

Now they have no desire and Time for grooming, gifts, and other attributes mannered in the tradition of a century ago. A women is simply not strong enough to fight for more and the main thing that makes them truly happy and winged. How, over time, suggests they experience, it is not money, and fashionable clothes, do not envy the white friends and colleagues, and even the popularity and admiration of loyal fans, and is available in virtually every sense – love of a man. Let the age it is quiet, discreet, had lost an excessive emotionality, but still an exciting and unique beauty. When men are young they are male hormones, and kind of Homo sapiens are often enviable activity during this period, almost every women are able to find a mate.

The Dishes

At the same time as a hostess, not soap box itself, and do not wash them …. What about us? Hand on heart, 90% of Russians do wash windows, mow lawns (if you feel an urge), and puts the children grandparents (in the worst case – grandparents). In fact – when we ask a child to wash the dishes – we ask him to share with us a part of our daily duties. Those we ourselves perform every day without hiring dishwashing field dinner, "a specially trained person." Imagine what happens when we pay for the same child washed the dishes. The child has erased the line between responsibilities at home and …

extortion. That is usually clears (erases, strokes) – mom, but if you do it for her – that she will rest, and I get pocket money. Pay your child once and you will hardly live to see the child voluntarily helping around the house – it will require payment regardless of your well-being and the kind of homework. In this outrage, you can send only to myself – this is the fruits of your education. Imagine a situation – my mother paid for his son washing dishes. Son marries, his wife falls ill (or ill feeling during pregnancy) and asked her husband to wash the dishes.

And he asks – how much did you give me for it? Say – nonsense? Not at all! He was always my mother paid for the performance of 'women's duties' – the wife is worse? My husband can not say it to his wife, but in this situation, he will feel free to reward yourself in some other way, because he worked on the house. Invent ways of self-promotion you can do. What should I do? If your family does not hire workers coming (and in most Russian families, the way it is), then the household responsibilities are divided among all members of the family, which is likely to carry them out.