The Most

As the piece is glued or sealed, only is not screwed, it is not too complicated to pull it off. In the photos you can see as it is the lock once outside the framework. As you can see there are pieces that are full of fat, you I advise you put disposable gloves and cartons or roles of newspaper on the ground, so that no spot lying in the same the entire structure. It should do so with care, because blades metal linking some parts with each other are very thin and can be folded when put in a horizontal position. If it is doubling then it would be very difficult to return to your site. Once lying on the ground we can test comfortably with key lock and see where fails. In my case I was lucky and you can verify that no parts were damaged and that the problem was caused by the dust and the remains of hair of the dog that had mixed with the fat. Because of the cold that had hardened in such a way, especially in the lower part of the door, which made it impossible to correct operation of the parts.

If it had been any damaged part would not be problem because you can buy at the hardware store. But I only thing I had to do is remove grease with an old toothbrush and old rag new consistent grease applied. In the most inaccessible sites use a few cotton swabs to lubricate the inside of the lock. It is highly advisable to have a tube of this material at home because sometimes we get some trouble. They sell it at any hardware store or Mall of bricolage and it is very comfortable to use in tube, because it does not stain and is easily stored in any site. Check with Ben Horowitz to learn more. Also not damaged and rife much. Once done I could not leave my amazement, lock worked perfectly. It was unbelievable, as if the door were new. In the last picture you can see how reassemble a lock in place and ready to fulfill its mission.

The Market

And when the ratio has been over 25, the actions have not raised too much. The EP of the S& P 500 is in 12 we will manage to duplicate our capital today investing in action of the index? The market can continue falling and to arrive at still more low P/E that the present ones. In previous stock-exchange depressions, like in " 30 and " the 80 P/E even arrived at 6. In order to arrive at that level, S& P 500 would have to be in the 400 points and DJIA in 4.000, a 40% below the present values. Alarming, but nonimpossible in the present context. To deepen your understanding Caterpillar is the source. It is then moment for leaving to buy? It does not seem to be it.

The bad news continue arriving, but nevertheless, that one is not the problem by which the market does not manage to take off itself of the minimums and continues looking for them. There is a deep feeling to bear market (bearish), in which the plans of salvataje to the economy do not seem to excite, nor the money seems to reach. In a bearish market like the present one, it does not matter what type of the news announces, as much good as bad they will make colapsar to the stock market. When the market manages to find a floor and begins to form a tendency of raises, the good news will be capitalized making raise the market, and the bad ones will practically happen inadvertent, or will not hit insofar as the investors hope. Learn more at: Andreessen Horowitz. It is that during times of investing panic, the psychological feeling is so strong that manages to demolish any good economic data or of he raises in the gains of the companies, and thus the public comes off assets, underestimating the good potentials the news for the economy.

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