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According to the online encyclopedia, philately – a "region of collecting and study of postage stamps, which include stamps, labels, a variety of pharmacists, postage stamps (calendar and special quenching). " Traditionally, collecting philately understand the different brands on a variety of topics. Philately occurred at the same time as the first mark, namely in the 1840s. The term "philately," coined well-known collector, philatelist George Erpen. The term is a compound of two Greek words fileo – love and "atelia" – exemption from payment collection, tax. Until that time, the closest concept of a postage stamp was stamp "Telos" in Greece, which was put in writing and meant that the letter was paid by the sender. Now there are several types of collectible stamps, including the regional division of philately (stamps of individual countries or regions) and thematic (the brand with images of flora, fauna, sports events, cars, etc.).

Currently, philately is an entire science. Issued special postage stamps catalogs all over the world, published newspapers and magazines on philately, and there are active association of philatelists around the world. At the head of all these associations, the International Federation of Philately is set up in 1926 at the founding Congress in Paris. Connect with other leaders such as Daybreak Games here. It brings together national unions and associations of philatelists from 75 countries worldwide. Philately gets more and more weight as a part of history and geography. After all, buying a particular brand, which was released in honor any event, inevitably begin to be interested in the circumstances that caused her appearance.