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In this conditions, in what if it relates the evaluations pertaining to school, that are seen as instruments of verification of pertaining to school income, that fulfills to functions pedagogical-didactics, of diagnosis and control, must in such a way be made by the educator, how much for educating in elapsing of the learning process. After all of accounts, as much the first one how much as if they educate during this process. In this manner, the involved actors in this educative process must always have in mind, that the educational evaluation cannot be the service of a dominant, authoritarian pedagogia, conservative, and yes, will have of being a rationally defined activity, inside of a guiding power to decide politician and in favor of the ability of all for the democratic participation in the social life. Thus, the evaluation always must be a necessary and permanent didactic task of the teaching work, that must follow the teach-learning process step by step, not only in education basic, but also, in average education, where theoretically the educandos must be more ' ' amadurecidos' '. In these terms, it has pointers that they suggest that, to have professional success in the task to teach, it is necessary to the professor to know, to dominate and to articulate some elements that compose its work, as contents, reality of educating, theories and methodologies, evaluation and learning. In this scene, the majority of the professors of the city that I work I eat professor, if uses to advantage of the authority who the profession confers to them, and dresses the mantle of the authoritarianism to disfarar the peculiar incompetence of the traditional teaching calls.

Making this, they (or we, some times) finish for harming, or same to castrate, the power of criticidade of being educated local, that in turn, we will go to reproduce the acquired knowledge, if she is that we can call thus. In these terms, educating almost never can evaluate the professor, therefore, the authority of the master, the owner and not facilitador it of the knowledge, cannot be shaken, mainly because the professor if considers a mirror in which educating will have to only see qualities. This professor probably does not know that it is human e, therefore, falvel, capable of in its relation with the way, to make a mistake. As well as educating, that also he is not perfect. As much the educator how much educating, in its functions in the process teach-learning, is apprenticees, therefore belongs or if they insert in a dynamic society, that with the technological advances, deep and irreversible transformations suffer.

BIBLIOGRAPHY GUARNIERI, Regina Maria (Org). Learning to teach: the way nothing soft of the docncia. Authors Associates; Araraquara-SP: Program of After-graduation in Pertaining to school Education of the College of Sciences and Letters of the Unesp, 2000. – (Collection Controversies of our time; 75). LIBNEO, Jose Carlos. Didactics: the pertaining to school evaluation. So Paulo: Cortez, 1994. – (Collection teaching 2. degree. Series formation of the professor). LUCKESI, Cipriano Carlos. Evaluation of the pertaining to school learning: studies and proposals. 2 ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 1995. *Adaptao of the elaborated work as requisite of evaluation of disciplines General Didactics, given for the teacher Almira Teixeira, during 6. stage to intervalar (July of 2002) of the course of Full Licenciatura in Geography, for the Federal University of Par, in the Great Heath polar region of the Araguaia-Par.


Under our look, the ecological approach in relation to the paisagemno it accumulates of stocks all the complexity in the life way and culture in the past, to devendoser interpreted, in this in case that, ‘ ‘ (…) as a symbol of the relations sociaisentre individuals, families, bandos and group of bandos ‘ ‘ (Hitchcock & Bartram, 1998, p.31), added its ecological dimension and strategical intrinsic paracaptao of resources to the productive and economic system of one dadogrupo. As already affirmed, the landscape beyond the material dimension that occupies dentrodo way of life of data human groups, also sustm a simblicovinculado space to the attachment feeling (local of the ancestral ones), cognitivos aspects, highly queconsideram a specific, social and culturalmentedeterminado behavior. Soon, ‘ ‘ (…) territories represent to far lives you the Kua grupoestudado by the authors simply areas that people uses you obtain food andmaterials will be tool manufacture and construction and where they locate theircamps’ ‘ (Hitchcock & Bartram, 1998, p.31). Without undeserving the ecological or evolutivas research (aocontrrio, incorporating them, however without an extremely determinista vision), we have opted in using the concept from the definition of place, defined for diverse authors, for understanding of these Inter-relations entresociedade versus landscape in the intention to choose a number significativode hypotheses concerning the social use of the spaces, function of small farm, regional mobility esistema of nesting (Binford, 1980; Zeden, 2000, Schlanger, 1992; Stafford & Hajic, 1992; Knapp, 1999; Thomas, 2003; He hisses, Mendes, 2007)..

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