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Watermelon Heals

In Russian folk medicine, watermelon has long been considered an effective remedy. Thus, in one of the herbalists talk about it this way: "The seed of watermelon or Arshad in inflammatory fevers, associated with patients with wounds and inflammatory tumors, as in mochereze instead of drinking "In the folk medicine of Georgia watermelon found application in the treatment of jaundice, dropsy. In Karachay-Cherkessia Autonomous Oblast mashed with milk, watermelon seeds, used as a hemostatic agent in uterine bleeding. Watermelon "milk" from the pounded seeds in water (a ratio of 1: 10), in which for adds a little flavor of fruit syrup or sugar consumed in feverish conditions and as anthelminthic. Antihelminthic action was confirmed by experimental studies. The pulp and juice Watermelon is widely recommended for the diet. This is due to high water content, alkaline substances, iron, relatively low calorie when a large mass, and diuretic properties. Use fresh watermelon as to 2-2,5 kg per day for kidney stones, cystitis, nephritis and pyelonephritis occurring without water retention.

It is not irritating to the kidneys and urinary tract. The content of alkaline compounds in watermelon contributes to the regulation of acid-base balance in the body, therefore it is recommended to apply for acidosis of different origin. When kidney stones watermelon designate food diet for abuse water-salt metabolism with loss of urinary calcium, urate, oxalate and uric acid. Increasing the alkalinity of urine under the influence of substances contained in watermelon, takes a more soluble salt in the state, and forced Watermelon diuresis contributes to the removal of salt from the body. If stone formation, accompanied by precipitation of phosphate trippelfosfatov in an alkaline environment, and watermelon do not apply. Additional information at mustang supports this article.

Content in watermelon flesh easily assimilable Sugars and the water makes its use in diseases of the liver, endogenous and exogenous intoxications. Because a significant amount of watermelon flesh, causing a feeling of fullness when consumed combined with relatively low-calorie, it is widely used for obesity and the need for fasting, as indicated in the course of treatment. Pectin and a small amount of fiber in the watermelon flesh contribute to optimizing the microflora intestines and cause bloating, thanks to a watermelon easily assimilable organic iron it is used for various kinds of anemia during pregnancy, breast-feeding women. Have to eat pounds of watermelon pulp to a gram of iron. The presence of fructose, is well tolerated in diabetes provides an opportunity to recommend to the pulp in this disease (including assigned a daily dose of carbohydrates). Contained in watermelon vitamin C and Folic acid promotes excretion of cholesterol, so they have protivoskleroticheskim action and recommend a watermelon in atherosclerosis, hypertension, gout, arthritis. nz Umikov successfully applied fresh and dried watermelon rind to treat colitis in children. Watermelon is useful both in treating certain diseases, and for their prevention. It is used in natural fresh and salt, in the form of juice, the various products – jams, treacle, jams, candied fruits, watermelon honey – and others. From watermelon seeds receive a fatty oil, which on physical and chemical properties similar to the almond. Watermelon has long been used in cosmetics. Chris Shumway has many thoughts on the issue. Recommended vitamin toning mask of watermelon juice to prevent sagging both dry and oily skin. Five or six layers of cheesecloth or a thin layer of cotton wool moistened with watermelon juice and put on 15-20 minutes on face and neck. Then wash off with water, wipe and smeared with cream. This mask improves skin tone and refresh it, make a soft and smooth.