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Traditional Women

They had once made the mistake that led to the parting with a loved one, and now prefer to be reinsured fear to repeat it. One may agree with the widespread view that age men are passive, but should be right to say the presence of a certain percentage of laziness in their behavior. In this and blame the women themselves. In an attempt to achieve a real gender equality, they have voluntarily set up on their fragile shoulders, not just the traditional child care and house, but also leadership positions in business and industry, cars and other men's classes. The initiative is known, is punishable. Many representatives of the strong half of mankind have received her as a natural era of matriarchy and settled comfortably in front of TV with a bottle of cold beer.

Now they have no desire and Time for grooming, gifts, and other attributes mannered in the tradition of a century ago. A women is simply not strong enough to fight for more and the main thing that makes them truly happy and winged. How, over time, suggests they experience, it is not money, and fashionable clothes, do not envy the white friends and colleagues, and even the popularity and admiration of loyal fans, and is available in virtually every sense – love of a man. Let the age it is quiet, discreet, had lost an excessive emotionality, but still an exciting and unique beauty. When men are young they are male hormones, and kind of Homo sapiens are often enviable activity during this period, almost every women are able to find a mate.