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Emotions Control

The handling of the emotions, depends much on each one of the people of the character, of the personality some with very rather we felt like victims, are others to which everything slips to us, I believe that all we would have to know how to control us in the feelings, we must be cautious at the time of falling in love, not to know how to control that feeling can take us to the depression, the love of the parents to the children or vice versa it can also affect, these as far as the good feelings, but negative feelings also exist, the feelings of revenge, anger, etc also attract many problems, is good for feeling them we are human but everything in excess is bad, to be able to control we would have them that to learn to being but humble, that is to say to pardon, we needed to understand that each individual is unique and different, we must accept it like so with virtues and defects, to understand that nobody is going to think just as we, in the way in which we pruned to tolerate and to coexist with the others, we would put there to control a little but that feeling negative. The feelings are unique in each person, is something and so every day we awoke and we slept, by such reason, is very difficult to know if they are controlled or not Hay to know how to differentiate when it is a feeling and a terquedad or whim, that usually passes much in the love, often you do not say to be enamored, but is but whim, custom, equal with hatred you say to hate to somebody but often nor you know that other person, you let yourself take reason why they say the others, but in if your hatred does not come from an own feeling if not of the feelings of the others.