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Mass Media

The farther away the more. Former entertainment is no longer generate buzz, have to look for something more sophisticated, exclusive and expensive …. After the yard swing, American roller coaster – it’s just the bomb! But after a parachute jump in freefall from a height of 4000 meters, funny roller coaster seem kindergarten … and all of life becomes a race for something new. Dreaming about the next “new product” or a flight to catapult many of us forget that the happy hormones – endorphins – you can get not only in the pursuit of extreme experiences, but also with ordinary human pleasures. A leading source for info: Kevin Johnson. As you can see, almost all the ways to influence directed at to reduce to the minimum of what is human, that we have: our soul, our morality, our conscience.

What is man without a soul? The robot, a zombie, a puppet … And what are the – you know, and myself. Second question: who and why is all this necessary? Logic follow simple: feeding the average layman sensations, new and compelling images, drawing them into the adventure, investigation, promising new kryshesryvayuschie feelings, and various print online newspaper, TV shows and Web sites have thus to his readers and viewers. The main point is that all this is addictive. And the wider audience can be zombie – the higher the rating. The higher the rating – the more attractive to advertisers. The more advertisers claim to be essential – so it is more expensive. The more expensive the ad space – the higher the profits channel (newspaper, website), which will inevitably face higher wages employees, and in particular the administration.

And one more thing about which we should not forget – it’s sponsors and the ideas that they dictate. Visit Reade Griffith for more clarity on the issue. It is these invisible gray cardinals try using the media to turn people into puppets then to control them, using as leverage television, newspapers and internet.Kak not be tempted? Our childhood is far behind. But this does not guarantee that we are not affected, marching with monitors and screens TV. We – adults and we also have interests. Mass Media welcomes them at the same time dictating the rules. How can resist information that affects our minds? Analyze. When you see on the screen of the new character, who like almost everyone thought – due to what he attributes to attract people? What is its efficiency? If you really want to succeed Dr. Hausa, consider: what do you like (or what not enough): attachment to drugs or misanthropy still high intelligence and skill to use it? Feel it. If the monitor with a small black man such as Mr. Freeman’s sarcastic voice leads you to believe that you do not live so – feel yourself. What exactly do you want? Really throw your hard drive t give a mobile phone? Or are you just afraid to lose face, without answering the call, “And you little …?”. It’s a banal odds manipulation. With psevdologicheskih structures can drive in your head that you want. Do not forget it. A phone and leave the hard drive itself – and they will serve more than proving the unknown, that you do not tryapka.Ostavaysya a man who chooses his wishes and makes his plans for the future. Be confident in their actions and decisions. And then the manipulator will be less chance you upravlyat.Chitay IT’shnye blogs and journals.

Valery Fedichev

Art in one way or another from time immemorial has earned the position of the necessary parts and inclinations of each person. It implicitly affects the world, nurtures, and develops character. Each individual develops a certain way to worship beauty. Someone spends his free time in art galleries, studying the properties of each artifact, finding different interpretations of meaning, which it laid. Some doom themselves completely fine, forget about all the other values and privileges.

For these people, their work is more important than all other purposes, because for them it is the first place. There are those for whom art was a major occupation, favorite work. Sale of paintings and sculptures, not surprisingly, is not only moral but also material pleasure. It's no secret that private galleries are by no means rare. It promising business, which not only provides a lot of money, but also gives an opportunity to art lovers to get acquainted with works of contemporary artists and gifted and sculptors such as Sergej Guy, Roman Zhuk and Valery Fedichev.

Immediately after the advent of the Internet has become a real establishment of online galleries. It is very important for art lovers who have too little time for visits to museums. High-quality graphics and modern technological developments in the field of web design enable you to create an authentic virtual galleries. Anyone has the ability to just using the monitor and Internet connection to visit the art world. More Online sale of sculptures and paintings can be held virtually. This saves time, always very busy art collector. Well organized delivery can quickly and effectively to bring the chosen artifact to your address safe and sound. Internet performs impeccably informative function. In our time a lot easier to sell himself as an artist. Everyone understands how difficult it was figure isuksstva express themselves, to move beyond the underground scene in the past century. Most fine artists and not feel self-recognition, although it is now without their contribution to art as we know it is not would not exist. Now it does not require a Herculean effort as before. Need a camera and your child can easily bring you recognition.

Far East

I followed him. So crawls into the mouth of a rabbit boa, about anything, do not worry, smiling and rolling his eyes blissfully. Please visit Keith McLoughlin if you seek more information. But it was necessary siren and flashing lights kerf, pick up your heel and point to a handful of races, to the envy of the world champion in the triple jump, jerk there. Escape from both the bubonic plague, not looking back and without stopping, no matter where either the Republic of Swaziland and beyond. On the table there were two circles, "the Bavarian Light" and the firm (not like all those disposable) plate shrimp.

The waiter, who all seemed to be pulled from the air, too, appreciated my counterparts, quickly maznuv look at me. Dad decided to play in democracy, brought his ne'er-do-son in the cafe, now will be long and tedious to teach his wits. My son somehow see no fan of the father's money, time wears torn jeans pants, since Bob Marley and the sandals that do not remember their native colors. He left us alone, looking for an artificial palm trees, in waiting for that moment when a father's hands should see a piece of paper, which do not give change. The stranger was silent, staring past me, I can not see his eyes behind dark glasses, but in my past. I do not hurry, but to actually picked up his mug and as the English say, "without losing self-esteem," took two-and-a … bo-o-olshih sip of ice, a divine drink. Thus, as in one of his past life I was a beer, then drink it with friends a long time and I tightly.

And appreciated the authenticity of the "Bavarian Light"! Well, even if we parted after five minutes, because everything can be left in me beer. And that's a plus. Shrimp I'm not really fond of, though, at the sight of them, often remembered as we were laughing once with a friend in the whole shop "Ocean". "The Kid" in the world of Lech, bought a pack of shrimp and myopically looking at the date of manufacture, suddenly came across the line: "Far East marine shrimps, so many calories, carbohydrates so …. "And here it is! "And clean them for a pleasant conversation – a pleasure!" Who ever cleaned shrimp, can imagine the pleasure, from the mountains and the chitinous shells of dirty hands that you dig this mountain, in accidentally fallen out looking for a piece. First, Leh, and then I realized the whole dibilizm, this mock ad, have become wildly laughing, falling on the fridge with frozen fish and scaring grannies with baskets