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HighTech Cars

Appeared comfortable handles, and doors began to open and close automatically. The penultimate generation of German trams – urbanized city laborors of steel, aluminum and plastic. The only concept that took into account the design engineers of the tram – it saves and a maximum capacity of wagons. Alas! construction of these cars had just the years when gasoline was cheap, and installation of new ways – on the contrary, terribly expensive. But the latest generation of trams, presented in all its glory on the streets of Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and many other cities in Germany – is another matter.

This high-tech, comfortable cars, completely safe and quiet. spain history of tramway traffic in Spain is not much different from counterparts in other European countries. In Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Toledo and trams appeared in the early last century. Naturally, they were horse-drawn tram. And after half a century after the fall of the Franco regime, the trams were replaced by more economical at the time buses.

And now, after nearly 40 years after abolition, the streets of Madrid emerged shining streetcar. Outwardly it is a miracle of modern tram is more like an ultramodern liner – sleek lines, huge windows, and inside – full email 'mince'. Success of the first tramway line in Madrid was truly deafening. The city authorities have invested in new vehicles as much as 180 million euros, but after a year operation have decided to expand the project. The city became noticeably freer from chadyaschimi buses, and traffic on the roads has declined significantly. In addition, the Madrid subway, the congestion in peak hours, could for many years for breath. Followed the example of Madrid and other Spanish cities: Metro soon appeared in the industrial capital of the north, Bilbao. 'Light Train', so called Spanish tram carries up to 180 passengers, without any crowds and the hustle. Practical Spanish produce on the line constructed compositions, which significantly increases their profitability. switzerland The Swiss, as always proved to be ahead of the rest. Namely, after nearly half a century, back on track released an international tram. Yes, yes, you heard right, just a tram carries passengers from the Swiss resort town of Basel to France. Earlier this route collects passengers in Germany. In Zurich, the financial capital of the country, Tram and do is the dominant mode of transport: 63% of passenger traffic within the city made it trams. Near Zurich and Geneva are lagging behind. Click Low May Lin to learn more. In this town on the shores of Lake tram every day carries up to 30% of the passengers. Swiss authorities are concerned about gas pollution of cities and stimulate people's interest in the use of this environmentally impeccable transportation. Special monthly tickets entitle for free transfer, and student and tourist tickets include a significant discount. The vast majority of Swiss cantons rejected the construction of subways in the cities, believing that Tram safer and quieter, and infrastructure for the tram lines – much cheaper.