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Auto Drive

This is achieved as more strict production control, and a host of new technologies, such as Managed altitude heads or read-only reference that the recorded data. Considerable price in this case pays high reliability. Among the railway Form Factor 2.5 "can be distinguished car models that are resistant to shock and vibration, can withstand temperatures from -30 to +85 and altitude from -300 to 5000 m. An example is the family of Hitachi Endurastar. Discs are oriented on the application in the on-board systems of cars, but they can be put safely in any portable devices. Of course, reliability is worth the money: 'Auto Drive' three times more expensive than usual. The third council – Choose a railway capacity, based on their current and future needs.

In the form factor of 3.5, there are three categories of drives: odnoplastinnye, dvuhplastinnye, trehplastinnye and more *. The first category is best suited for placing the OS and applications: with a good performance, these drives smaller than the others and bask less likely to fail. Disk from the second category is necessary to put the second in a PC and a specially allocate to the database, game and multimedia files. Finally, high capacity drives – the solution for special occasions: to say nothing of disproportionately high costs, they are quite capricious in operation. Denial of such a drive immediately blocking access to massive amounts of data, and backup for obvious reasons, is complicated. The fourth and final advice – buy new wheels for legitimate commercial firms offering a full factory warranty (usually 3 or 5 years). Questionable location (the radio market, etc.) – Refuge gray imports, disks used, or after repair. Reliability of such production is much lower, and the warranty illusive. Slight savings can result in big problems – it is necessary to you? * At the time of this writing, typical of the total capacity of one, two, three or more plates – 120-250 GB 320-640 GB 750-1500 and GB, respectively. Revision as of 01.11.2008. Ilja Seidel Reproduction or quoting are allowed provided the references of the form data recovery to the original source.

Data Loss

How to avoid, how to insure against loss of the most valuable data? What are the main causes of damage and loss of information? In the first place in the scale and destructiveness, of course, is just human factor, that is, accidental or deliberate damage of information. Roughly speaking: pressing the Delete key by mistake, accidentally formatted the hard drive … In general, the neglect of safety data from the category of "I dropped the server. Well, Duc, stop again! No, I dropped to the floor …. " To fight this disaster helps regular backups and competent management of access rights to corporate resources. And, of course, measures for overall improvement loyalty of employees, such as corresponding to the moment the practical application of gingerbread-Knutova concept of enterprise management.

Breakdown of iron also are able to deliver a lot of trouble, though in recent years reliability and lifetime of carriers has increased significantly. Can help here, only one – a regular data backup, and the most important information is stored in at least two backup copies, Of course, each on a separate carrier. Viruses, trojans, worms and other network flora and fauna, according to statistics, Internet users to deliver far less damage than generally assumed. Caused by viruses only 7% of cases of data loss. At the same time are hard to find a machine that is not installed even free anti-virus, except that this hack Apple. A program to back up why something has not yet become a common attribute for most PC users. A special place among the causes of data loss, take natural and manmade disasters of various scales.

For example, after the accident at the power plant of interest guidelines of other hydroelectric power to the server backup software soared. But if disaster for most PC users – it's just scary story from the TV, the options such as flooded neighbors electricity blinked, the mouse ran, tail brushed system unit – it happens all the time, both in residential and office facilities, and even hard to tell where more often. The loss of such data, can only help regular backups because it only allows you to quickly and fully restore the lost information. It is best if it is done automatically on the schedule, but this function includes any application for backup. Keep backup copies should be as far from the original copy. Optimal use of remote data storage or safe-deposit box. An example of an excellent program Backup is a Handy Backup. The program runs stably on Windows and Windows Server, and this is confirmed by the certificates Microsoft. Handy Backup allows you to back up documents, application and operating system settings or entirely. And, most importantly, the database MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, Lotus Notes / Domino, MS Exchange, and others. In general, in addition to using antivirus software and access control systems to ensure the security of corporate networks need to be regularly back up data to once again do not divide, the sad fate of these statistics and sixty-six per cent. Rob Hannah has firm opinions on the matter. However, to start regularly and thoughtfully backup their information well, good enough to step on the rake these only once.