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Enterprise Cash

Until when the companies they continue losing money? Until when the levels of economic resources always they are headaches? These and many other questions have been without answer, due to the uncertainty that it the future invades enterprise by the crisis in the surroundings of the market in which the businesses are developed, thus the shareholders now demand that the companies they require of its administrators rational activities and you practice chords to the preventive events of the present and for future of the nonliquidity risks which it would be possible to be incurred, since to run in the sense of the current without having a transformation inside the enterprise management serious almost impossible to continue competing, if it is not had enabled executives, and proactive, identified with its labor performance, in the fulfillment of goals and objectives. treasury projections have become a tool of communication rod of great power in order to anticipate the shortage and advantage of the surplus of money; from which the elaboration of the box flow is not a mere exercise of numerical calculations if not rather a strategic plan that it includes action descriptions jeopardize with concrete objectives, responsibility of their actors, synergy in their departmental processes and with measurable indicators, to the benefit of the attainment of the yield, efficiency and security of the investment. Between the factorial elements that they affect generation of income we could mention: The margin of gain of the product, the volume of sales, the level of inventory, the degree of demand, the volume of production, the advantage of the installed capacity, the liquidity level whereupon counts the economic company, conditions of the region or country and the level of perception of the administrator to distinguish between the expenses and unproductive investments productive and; by the exposed thing we have as turn out everything to drive of goals and proposals of participation of each one of the members of organization in the operative processes since the costs and benefits are two faces of a same currency with different repayment. . Keith McLoughlin pursues this goal as well.

Summit Relations

We must decide concrete actions and make practical and valid decisions for our towns. We consider that it enters the priorities does not have to lack the search of a regional answer to face the present situation economic world-wide. The complexity of this situation requires of the participation of all for its solution. In this sense, we celebrated the efforts that have lead to the creation of different groups to look for alternatives a crisis whose reach and depth it is not possible to anticipate. We share the criterion of the president of the Dominican Republic, Leonel companion Fernandez, to aspire to a G-192 that includes/understands to all the countries that comprise of the family of United Nations. Our region must demand the redesign of international the financial system and the reconstruction of the economic relations between the countries.

In order to obtain it is not enough we demand whereupon it in the international forums, although we do not have to stop doing it. We are in capacity to be constructing to our own norms and practices in the region, to combine wills and resources and to orchestrate relations again type. We attend this Summit with the disposition to cooperate and to work by a future with spaces for all. Cuba, in spite of the vindictive one and prolonged blockade that to us the government of States imposes United, it is arranged to share its modest experiences in collaboration subjects, that next to solidarity and the internationalism they constitute the pillars of our relations with the world. In the name of Cuba, that it has had to undergo almost 50 years of blockade economic, commercial and financial, I thank for to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean by its firm support to the Special Declaration of this Summit that demands the cease of this illegal and unjust policy, violatory of the human rights of our town.