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Many times the majority of the people think that Facebook and Twitter are essentially the same. The core of his experience is centered around profiles, relationships and newsfeed (mostly marketing networks). But if you dig a little more, you realize that people are using each platform for different purposes. Facebook, assumes that you must communicate with close friends. To become friend with someone not only means that he or she will see to your content, but also get to view its contents to change. On Twitter, is not the case: your you decide what information you want to receive, and you have no obligation to follow anyone.

Facebook places emphasis on profiles and people, whereas Twitter emphasizes the actual content (in your case, tweets). The result is that the flow of information is just different in both services. Facebook is more likely to talk about personal matters, wishes of happy birthday, gossip about a State of change in the relationship, and publications about parties in your Facebook News. In Twitter, is more likely to find news and links, and is more secure that follow brands, news sources and other entities outside your social environment. In fact, Twitter tells me that one of every four tweets include a link to some kind of content. There are also data of interest from a team of Korean researchers that suggests that Exchange of information is fundamentally different in Twitter, compared with social networks. His conclusion was that Twitter has features of the media rather than the characteristics of a social network. In other words, Facebook and Twitter are different once you look beyond its roots as a social media.

Now is the moment to define the difference between a social network and an information network. This may seem obvious, but social networks seek to your social networks. In particular, the focus is on friends, colleagues and personal contacts. They have to do with the exchange of personal or professional experiences. They have to do with staying in touch with friends instead of discover news or content. Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo, MySpace, hi5, Tuenti and Orkut clearly entering the social media social network branch. The concept of an information network is a more recent phenomenon. Gain insight and clarity with Reade Griffith. Information networks seek to take advantage of the different networks to distribute and consume information. Although you can use a variety of social media tools in order to find, or deliver the content, focus less on what is happening in the social graph and more in the information that you want. Twitter may be the best example of an information network, but YouTube (video), Flickr (photos) and Digg (Digg) (News) are networks of information also. Almost all social media platforms has aspects of both types of networks, but they tend to fall into one category or another. I argue that Foursquare (is a social network, because it uses the model of Facebook friends instead of following the model of Twitter, but it is possible that you a different opinion. In fact, that may be a major point of differentiation between social networks and information networks. For the most part, the content from Flickr, YouTube or Twitter are public, whereas content in MySpace, Facebook or Bebo is private. Is a big reason for this that the first use the subscription model, while the latter used the friends model.?

DBM Spain Company Leader

DBM Spain, first company in management of transitions that annually gives service to 7,000 companies, wants to accompany to their clients in the processes of transition necessary to assure a better present future and to the companies and people compose that them and for that they work. With this same philosophy, from this second trimester of the year it has inaugurated his new office in Bilbao. Located in the centric district of Indautxu, from DBM Bilbao one will look for to maximize the satisfaction and the benefit that already the clients of this company in the Country Vasco and Navarre obtain and to as well present the enterprise weave of the zone, a form different to make the things, centered in and for the people, and with a direct hit in the results of the company, as it affirms to Ignacio Fernandez de Pirola, Partner Director of DBM. From DBM Bilbao the projects in course with the clients of their area of influence will be led already and it will work with the different associations, compatible organizations, organizations and companies to the philosophy that professes DBM, to manage the transitions of suitable way to make it with professionalism, human quality and looking for the benefit of all, without exception, explains Esther Mari, manager responsible for the office of Bilbao. After the growth undergone by DBM as much geographically as in its different lines of business the natural jump era of having constant physical presence here, relates Ignacio Fernandez de Pirola.

Gestionar projects from the distance is possible if for of careful way and being used the technology, that if, we think that being present from will help and help us here our clients, comments the person in charge of the company. And it is that the Basque Country is one of the regions of greater growth in Spain. The number of companies created in Euskadi until September of 2010 was of 2,445, a 7.99 percent more than in the same period of the previous year according to the report Enterprise Radar, reason why, altogether, the active enterprise weave in Euskadi until that date was formed by 60,952 companies. Ben Horowitz oftentimes addresses this issue. management of labor transitions is a process that it has like primary target to help to relocate to people who have been broken ties with their companies, doing more bearable and less traumatic his new one and forced professional situation, as much for he himself as for his familiar surroundings. However, it is not only tried to look for an occupation for the employee who finishes losing his job; the process is more complex and responds to the necessity to orient to the candidates towards those positions and companies where better it can fit his profile, realising one complete professional reorientation. The goal is to adapt the process of transition of race to professional the personal profile/of each one of the candidates, always working of customized and individualized form. The company Drake Beam Morin (DBM), founded on New York in 1967, counts with more than 40 years of experience in human management of capital, transformation and transition of organizations. They offer its services in 24 languages, and have taken care of more than 50,000 companies and 3 million people at level world-wide.

13 National Liturgy Week

And thus begins the Assembly gathered in his name, the starting point of the celebration in the person of the Minister, because the Minister is in relation to the sacramental species, from Trento. Instead here now forward, then passes: Assembly, Minister, Word and sacramental species. So it is already underlined the presence of Christ in the Minister, linked to the Assembly, and is Assembly presides over the Minister, icon of Christ’s presence. There has been a change of order, and this change is through’s research. In the year 70 when the Roman Missal was published for the first time, Paul VI, we already find this order, according to the dynamics of the Eucharistic Celebration.

Vicesimun Quintus Annus apostolic letter, 1988, tells us that Christ is present in the prayerful Church, gathered in his name, we already find a specification, prayerful Church, then we are already in the concept that the liturgy is prayer, we should not forget that concept of what it means to pray. Second, does not say that Christ is present and acting in the person of the ordained minister who celebrates. Come out other words, ordained minister. Speaks of the proclamation in the Assembly. Therefore it is not the word read, but proclaimed, and then tells us that the action of the Holy Spirit, is present in the sacraments and in the sacramental species. Catechism of the Catholic Church. 1992 As it is a comprehensive text that looks at all the presence of Christ, not only celebratory, it tells us that Christ is present in his word, the prayer of the Church, the poor, sick, prisoners. It is the first time that referred to such cases.

There is a deepening of that presence. In the sacraments, in the sacrifice of the mass, in the person of the Minister, in the sacramental species. In a broad context is not limited to what is the Eucharistic Celebration, it is also a cast of presences, a little messy.