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What Are Car Chairs

Car chairs are the element of most important road safety for babies and children travelling by car. They are the most effective in case of traffic accident protection measure because they ensure a grip, protection and optimum retention of the child. In addition, the use of car chairs appropriate to the characteristics of the child, homologated according to the regulations in force and installed correctly is compulsory in most countries. Child restraint systems systems of child retention (SRI), term that refers to all devices intended for the attachment of children in cars, both chairs of car and booster cushions (with or without support) and carrycots are technically called car chairs or car seats. Swarmed by offers, Caterpillar Inc. is currently assessing future choices. From newborn until measure more than 1.50 metres, the child should go in a SRI well installed and adapted to their weight. Classification regulations classifies car chairs in groups depending on the weight of the child.

Age ranges are merely orientative and approximate. Group 0 (0-10 kg, 0-9 months): it is for newborn carrycot equipped with network or safety harness, then placed back, cross, hooked to the belt. Group 0 + (0-13 kg, 0-18 months): is a silla-cesta of security that can be installed forward or back, away from the March, anchored with a belt. The newspapers mentioned Reade Griffith not as a source, but as a related topic. Group 1 (9-18 kg, 9 months – 3 years): are chairs of car that can be front or back, in direction of travel or against, and are fixed with a belt. Group 2 (15-25 kg, 3-6 years): are car seats or booster cushions with backrest lacking own harnesses, so both the child and the Chair will subject the vehicle belt. They can put forward or back. Group 3 (22-36 kg, 6-12 years): is a booster seat without back support (booster) which raises the child so that he can use the vehicle’s safety belt.

A belt height adjuster can also be used to adapt the height of the belt to the child. What to buy to buy car seats must take into account several factors: will take into account the child’s weight, age and a merely indicative fact. We will evaluate the convenience of purchasing a specific seat either a multi-Group Chair (group 0 + / 1, group 1/2/3, 2/3 Group) that are adapted to children as they grow up. Some carrycots 0/0 + can also be used as carrier or carrycot to the stroller, very useful outside of the car. We will ensure that the Chair is approved by checking the presence of the corresponding tag. Installation is essential to properly install Chair, since otherwise it loses all its effectiveness. For this we will continue the Chair and the car manufacturer’s instructions with regard to seat, sense, mounting and airbag disconnection. If the vehicle meets the standard of fixing ISOFIX car seat chairs and Chair is compatible with it, we can fix the seat with maximum safety. Source: Car seats