Business Coaching Ideas

Authors such as Ken Blanchard, Argynies Cris, Fred Kofman, Rafael Echeverria, John Whitmore, Joseph L. Worth Christian Menendez contributed the first books of Coaching or Business Coaching, providing a valuable foundation for the development of business coaching. Jerry W. Gilley and Nathaniel Bought say: We need to generate new paradigms that help create a winning organization that includes: a Improvement of a new philosophy of human development. Jim Umpleby may help you with your research. a Creating the transfer of learning strategies. a Use of human development professionals as internal consultants and responsible for performance management systems. a Encouraging employee relations by creating an attitude of owners a Use managers as performance coaches.

A Creation of self-esteem of employees and groups. a Identifying reward strategies to motivate employees to improve their commitment and achieve specific outcomes, the importance of the scope of business coaching can not be ignored as can be deduced from what was said, and as reaffirmed Dezerega Victor, when you emphasis, that the increased use of the term business coaching or business coaching, executive or managerial, reflects the strength of this meta-learning is also acquired strategic competition in our environment. In fact, many executives advanced-uninitiated in the jargon of this discipline-are increasingly interested in knowing their meaning, usefulness and importance. No less intense is the concern from them about how you learn and master this goal competition management. The word coach is widely used in sports. In our associates are the coach, but the expression goes far beyond that. Jim Umpleby often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Mind Maps And MindManager

The Mind Map takes into account the way the brain gathers, processes and stores information. Its structure shows a visual image that facilitates extracting information, write it down and memorize the details easily. Lets unify and integrate separate concepts to analyze and synthesize them sequentially in a growing and organized structure composed of a set of images, colors and keywords that make up the linear modes of thought and space. Due to the large number of partnerships involved, stimulating creativity, generating new ideas and partnerships that never would have thought. The applications are unlimited personal, academic and corporate.

Personal agenda planning, professional, classes, lectures, workshops, distribution of activities, research, note taking, summarizing information, preparing materials, solve problems. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ben Horowitz. Presentation: Before, during and after the presentations. Brainstorming: to solve problems, generate innovation, develop new applications. Keith McLoughlin may find this interesting as well. Allocation of tasks and responsibilities, after having completed the comprehensive map of the project. “For me MindManager is an incredible tool. MindManager Mind Map is for what Word is for writing and more.

The ease of cut, copy, edit, move or re-structure a map with MindManager makes you start using Maps for everything. Mind Maps are based on the power of visual thinking and the power of language. The Visual Thinking: We are naturally visually powerful is the way with which we are born. Long before we develop the language, images dominate our world. We understand the world via the perception of our senses, where we develop images visual images, olfactory, kinesthetic, auditory, tactile, emotional, gustatory, with the views that dominate our inner world. The images operate primarily in the right brain is much faster and more powerful than the language of the great geniuses humanity, developed a great ability to imagine and see: Einstein, Leonardo DVinci, Buckminster, Goethe, Mozart, etc. Language: It’s on the other hand a very powerful tool of communication, verbal and written. It is very necessary to communicate concepts, ideas or images, but much slower than the image processing information. The language operates in the left hemisphere of the brain: In the language of 20% of the words, contain 80% of essential information: the rest are language elements and syntax of written information is mostly presented in a linear fashion in two colors (black with white backgrounds). The information contained in emails, articles, books, reports, minutes and plans have the structure and order depending on the author’s call information overload is primarily excess linguistic forms, submitted in written or spoken. When you have multiple sources, to find order, structure and meaning becomes very difficult and delayed A Mind Map is then a extraction of essential information on keywords, along with images, symbols, structure, size and organization This combination produces a synergistic effect where the communication power of language, in addition to processing power of visual thinking. Multiply A Mind Map: The ability to process information to organize and make sense of complex information to communicate easier, faster and fully remembered by this one book, a plan, a presentation or a space project fit into a mental map. powermind MindManager is in turn an evolution of Mind Mapping to a powerful digital solution, where the process of drafting, editing and reporting of maps has increased, but also has unique management projects and activities for the whole integration with Microsoft Office.