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Financial Consultant

Without financial consultant, you can easily get lost in the intricacies of the conditions and calculations. For Western clients to deal with intermediaries to obtain a mortgage – a common occurrence. Bank – a huge complex structure, it is not always possible provide individual attention to each borrower and even more so to help in collecting documents. Mortgage brokers perform hard work in preparing the client to obtain a loan, to help choose from hundreds of proposals optimum, so that the bank he comes "ready". In Russia the market of such services is still young.

For support of the deal until recently had to pay 1-2% of the loan. The sum was obtained impressive, and the high price frightened away many. But the market grows and develops, more and more players, more diverse in every line of credit products. In this sea without a pilot can not do. Banks, insurers, appraisers understand that they themselves need support intermediaries, enabling them to return. Then the brokers would take a significant part of communication with customers and clients themselves to this type of counseling will be available.

Only now begun to appear so-called credit supermarket: a small one-time fee 500-2 000 rubles. they pick up the customer loan product that best meets his needs and taking into account their individual capabilities, and was escorted directly to the conclusion transaction. Sometimes the contract for the same time commission can advise you over the years for various types of loans. How does the loan supermarket? Professionals help to understand what the client's needs. (Here you an example from life: people believed that he needed the cheapest loan – the lowest interest rate – but in the course of the conversation it turned out that in fact he wants the minimum monthly payment.) Within an hour of pick up Database list of "impersonal" sentences – only the conditions, without specifying the banks. Once the customer has made his choice, he helped to collect the documents and submit them to the bank. With a negative decision mediator to investigate the cause and trying to find other deals, with the positive – to organize insurance and cost estimates found an apartment – in general, for the transaction to the finish.