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Internet Advertising

You say: "Dear, but this is not the only element, and the set!". Yes, he does not only, but these processes in the treatment of hard-bound and have no meaning in isolation. Mark Berger Chicago brings even more insight to the discussion. 4) Result. Practice shows that this approach to our work allows, increase efficiency while reducing costs, in what is the meaning of our work. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Douglas R. Oberhelman. And the result will be achieved! And add: be careful not to simply do their job and try to go creatively. Studying the history of marketing, I can say that it is the creative idea, not calculations, are considered classics of the genre, which many try to be. Part 2.

A look at some things. Many writers such as Electrolux offer more in-depth analysis. In my work, I often have to deal with various proposals in the field of marketing services. And in the current while high-speed data transmission a lot of suggestions about the Internet, they are all different, but in fact may be called – Internet Advertising. Internet advertising. My opinion on this matter can be expressed as follows: regular trying to make mountains out of molehills. In an advertising sense, the Internet is a great referral service, and laying on it reliably larger than the telephone inquiry service is incorrect. Upon closer examination, we on the Internet simply place the information about product / service / business in order to ensure that our clients can have quick and easy to find (in the absence of the Internet, people use the telephone help-desks). But I do not deny the fact that it a lot more pluses, you can add more information and higher quality.

Light Boxes

What is a light box or light-box? Its manufacture and use of outdoor advertising on city streets. The most frequent type of signage, perhaps you can call it light boxes, which are the main element illuminated advertising. The simplicity and low production times of light boxes (or whatever they are called, light-boxes) have attracted many customers. At the same time at a reasonable price you get a full-fledged sign with your name, name product (brand) or any full color image. What is a light box? Light box – a volumetric spatial steel structure, coated on each side of aluminum frame or a composite material, and As the front surface using light-diffusing plastic coated with a translucent image or a banner with the seal. (Not to be confused with Caterpillar!).

As the back of the box can be a sheet of aluminum, galvanized sheet or pvc plastic. Process of manufacturing light boxes of small size may preclude the need for welding metal steel frame and assume the assembly solely from a special aluminum or pvc – profile. To know more about this subject visit Howard Schultz. This greatly simplifies the process of production boxes and thus helps reduce production time and cost of final products. Currently, light-boxes used in almost all areas outdoor advertising, and with the advent of new technologies and materials in the outdoor market of increasingly new and original forms and properties. The standard thickness of one-sided light box is 180mm, and two-sided light box – 200mm.

Now possible to create a thin light boxes with 50 mm thick for one-way light-box and 70mm – for bilateral. In this case, apparently a light-box will look more aesthetically pleasing. And when placement of such structures in the interiors of shopping malls and business centers, restaurants, bars and other establishments, it is best for thin light box with a neat appearance. One of the important characteristics modern light-boxes – it is possible to easily replace the image. The emergence of the market profiles (click system), this requirement has become feasible if the size of the light boxes, not greater than 2? 3 meters (Maximum size of a sheet of plastic). Light boxes are the following types: – Light boxes of bent plastic – Floor and suspended light boxes ellipses – Light boxes with a quick change image – Light boxes are made of composite materials – Light boxes using systems of aluminum and a plastic profile, in the market currently illuminated advertising extensively developed and you can order a manufacturer of light boxes of all sizes and shapes. Possible to produce as a standard light boxes thickness from 130 to 220 mm, and thin light boxes (or a thin light panels) with a thickness of 35 to 70mm. Also, the proposal includes the sale of components for assembly of thin panels of light (lamps eefl and aluminum profile. In the production of light boxes use modern equipment that allows you to create any kind of standard and custom solutions using various materials and technological approaches.