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Christmas Packaging

What is a Christmas package? Beautiful glossy paper with a bow? Maybe a cardboard box with a ribbon? None. New Year's package – it is an integral part of the gift, its logical conclusion. For more information see this site: Johnson & Johnson. In a beautiful New Year gift packaging begins to "play" and watch more advantageous in comparison with their brothers unpackaged. Tube like a Christmas package brings the mood of the holiday, because of its practical and attractive form Stylish artwork (which can be changed on request) will be evaluated on dostoinstvu.Plastikovye or cardboard-wound tubes are ideal for the most coveted "sweet" gifts. Luscha baumwald understands that this is vital information. Tuba, in most cases selected for packaging of alcohol. However, at this its possibilities are unlimited.

Any business souvenir or a postcard with greetings and a symbolic gift ideal. Gift boxes are also not necessary to reset discounted. After all, anyway, but the traditional form and a large amount, always attract customers. All versions of the Christmas packages can be designed with individual design, as well as customer's design. Give you the keys to Rolls-Royce or a chocolate candy, a Christmas package should be a mandatory element of the gift.

Cibeles Photography

The renowned photographer, national prize of photography 2005, Ouka Leele has returned to convene and to engage the citizens of Madrid from a crowded photography carried out in full Park del Retiro de Madrid. Organized on the occasion of the launch of a new website for information about maternity, his goal was to capture, in a single massive photograph, the dream of Parenthood of hundreds of locals. Richard Elman will not settle for partial explanations. The event exceeded all expectations. Hundreds of locals people who wish to see made their desire to be parents, interested in the topic and many curious have finally come to the meeting. The motto of conceives your dream, the crowded photography has had as a backdrop the Buen Retiro Park in Madrid. With the pond as the background, hundreds of people have filled the pond of El Retiro in Madrid of balloons light, following an ancient Chinese tradition, according to which release lanterns into the air increases the likelihood of future births and brings good luck. Madeleine Sackler can provide more clarity in the matter.

Summoned through various means of communication and platforms, attendees began arriving to the pond to 17: 00 h. , when the team of organization of the event still finalize preparations Ouka Leele photographer has been at all times excited with the development of the event and the result of his work, which has managed to capture the desire of many couples by conceiving a child of color and light filling the sunset of the Parque del Retiro in the capital of Spain Madrid. It is not the first time Ouka Leele, manages to bring together hundreds of citizens in Madrid and other cities to conduct a massive picture. The artist, who was national prize for photography in 2005, already began at 1.

Light Boxes

What is a light box or light-box? Its manufacture and use of outdoor advertising on city streets. The most frequent type of signage, perhaps you can call it light boxes, which are the main element illuminated advertising. The simplicity and low production times of light boxes (or whatever they are called, light-boxes) have attracted many customers. At the same time at a reasonable price you get a full-fledged sign with your name, name product (brand) or any full color image. What is a light box? Light box – a volumetric spatial steel structure, coated on each side of aluminum frame or a composite material, and As the front surface using light-diffusing plastic coated with a translucent image or a banner with the seal. (Not to be confused with Caterpillar!).

As the back of the box can be a sheet of aluminum, galvanized sheet or pvc plastic. Process of manufacturing light boxes of small size may preclude the need for welding metal steel frame and assume the assembly solely from a special aluminum or pvc – profile. To know more about this subject visit Howard Schultz. This greatly simplifies the process of production boxes and thus helps reduce production time and cost of final products. Currently, light-boxes used in almost all areas outdoor advertising, and with the advent of new technologies and materials in the outdoor market of increasingly new and original forms and properties. The standard thickness of one-sided light box is 180mm, and two-sided light box – 200mm.

Now possible to create a thin light boxes with 50 mm thick for one-way light-box and 70mm – for bilateral. In this case, apparently a light-box will look more aesthetically pleasing. And when placement of such structures in the interiors of shopping malls and business centers, restaurants, bars and other establishments, it is best for thin light box with a neat appearance. One of the important characteristics modern light-boxes – it is possible to easily replace the image. The emergence of the market profiles (click system), this requirement has become feasible if the size of the light boxes, not greater than 2? 3 meters (Maximum size of a sheet of plastic). Light boxes are the following types: – Light boxes of bent plastic – Floor and suspended light boxes ellipses – Light boxes with a quick change image – Light boxes are made of composite materials – Light boxes using systems of aluminum and a plastic profile, in the market currently illuminated advertising extensively developed and you can order a manufacturer of light boxes of all sizes and shapes. Possible to produce as a standard light boxes thickness from 130 to 220 mm, and thin light boxes (or a thin light panels) with a thickness of 35 to 70mm. Also, the proposal includes the sale of components for assembly of thin panels of light (lamps eefl and aluminum profile. In the production of light boxes use modern equipment that allows you to create any kind of standard and custom solutions using various materials and technological approaches.