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Chronic TEARS

Today the city is punished by torrential rains. For the aboriginal peoples, the water is the symbol of the life and renewal, more than what a climatic phenomenon, is primordial for the survival. Of abundant form branda or, the waters of rains will gush out in the land, are Divine workmanship, physical phenomenon, as well as the geographic position of a place it explains the lesser incidence biggest or of rains in determined region. But the city, that already had a bush, a mount and a river, today has houses, concrete, commerce and dejections. City and rain dispute spaces in a consumista society. Men and cities will need to change, to transform its action, to modify its structure, to give to space for the course dgua, without rivers of tears or one minute of silence..

The Heroes Who Stop And The Chronic Cycles That Lock Up

Today the eternity is ephemeral excessively. But it is not only to create myths and heroes who do not survive to the time, that they lose to the first falls that the life imposes. Heroes who mark the lives of common people, who veem you are welcome in not saving them, enxergam nor them as deuses, but as people capable to make some difference in the life of as much other people. Heroes who after a time, are seen as capable people of any thing, to face any bar, to pass for any difficulty, with the raised head and dignity. Without needing to dissimulate happiness or to smile without having will.

Heroes whom if they consume. That they have the arranhada image, the questioned work and the errors are more marked. (To criticize always will be more easy of what recognizing everything that was made. But it will be that the critics knew what was happening). Heroes who erram. That they had never said that they would be perfect, that thus they had exactly not released nobody in the hand, had not jumped of the boat to save itself, and more, they had given to the others its ' ' cmodos safe vidas' ' in exchange for collective professional accomplishment, when they could be indifferent to the problems and difficulties of excessively. Heroes who do not only think about itself. That beyond looking at for the side, they extend the hand and if they donate, and if they deliver, and if they loan, and ' ' if they leave in outros' '.

They mark the life of the others for what they had represented, nor in such a way for what they had made (this turns esquecimento). Heroes who cry. Made of meat, bone and heart. That they do not aguentam to demonstrate a force where the weakness goes being evident, where the armor already does not serve of makes of account, where the red and empty look synthecizes nights in and insuportveis pains clearly. Heroes who stop and cycles that lock up. The day to say good bye is as to die for the first time, therefore the devotion was intense of the first one to the last day. The last day of a hero is one day sad for who admires history, for who recognizes that it was a victory to arrive where arrived. The end if approached, the hero also cried, but the life did not finish. A cycle that was only locked in, but something new it will be able to initiate It will continue, from another form the hero will return