Suspended Ceiling

When choosing a ceiling should consider all the criteria: functionality – the type of buildings, utility room. It is not something Ben Horowitz would like to discuss. Technical aspect – what special properties are required? Aesthetics – some need a visual effect? Suspension Design ceiling helps to hide cracks, blemishes and other defects of the old ceiling. Installation, dismantling and maintenance of a suspended ceiling is easier, faster and less labor intensive compared to other ceilings. In addition, given additional opportunities for the installation of fixtures. By good light reflectance ceilings greatly improve room lighting with no additional energy costs.

Finally, the ceiling absorbs sound and reduces noise. Acoustic noise reduction contributes to a more comfortable working environment and improve productivity at work. Armstrong acoustic ceilings reduce noise levels indoors due to high sound absorption coefficient of the material, and also provide attenuation of sound, penetrating from neighboring buildings. The value of sound absorption and attenuation of sound is determined based on measurements and detailed calculations. From the beginning ceilings were intended to correct the room acoustics.

Armstrong is continuously working on improving the acoustic properties of the ceiling and the improvement of sound absorption and sound insulation of their products. Access to the overlap of the false ceiling to hide the pipes and technical equipment located under the ceiling, while leaving easy access to communication and engineering systems: ventilation, heating, conditioning, to smoke detectors and sprinklers. Durable edge ceiling Prima Tegular and Microlook, as well as Ultima Since the edges of plates Prima Tegular and Microlook and Ultima were 30% firmer, plates are more 'reliable'.