Silva Valuation

This valuation already can be seen especially in the outskirts of the Maracan, the Center Esportivo Micimo Da Silva and the Stadium Havelange Joo (Engenho). The optimism of the specialists has as base the games Pan-Americans, disputed in the city in 2007. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Horowitz. In the occasion, the value charged for the square meter in the quarter of the Mier, for example, where is the stadium of the Engenho, it went up about 40%, according to official information of the organization of the event at the time. Another region of the River that sees the valuation of its property is the Avenue Abelardo Bueno, in the Bar. There the Velodrome, the Aquatic Park Lenk Maria and the HSBC Enclosure for bullfighting are located, all constructed for the Pan and that also they will be used in the Olmpicos Games. Moreover, the avenue is next to the Riocentro, that also will receive competitions. The statisticians show that in the last five years the square meter of the region had a 70% valuation.

Today, the price of the square meter in the Bar is situated near the border of R$ 8 a thousand, and this number can until increasing with the proximity of the events and the consequent greater looks for. the other quarters? The valuation of property does not arrive to be a problem for noble quarters as the Bar. According to one it searches of the magazine Examination, carried through in the start of this year, if on the other hand the price of the square meter in the region passes of R$ 6 a thousand, as cited above, the average income of the population that inhabits there it is of more than R$ 10 a thousand. But and less noble quarters? The population that inhabits in them will obtain to follow this valuation? According to the Brazilian press, the stadium of the Maracan, that will receive the end from the Pantry of the World in 2014, will receive an investment from R$ 600 million to be remodelled.