Sherlock Holmes

Whether you're driving, or a large group of workers companies, development of active thinking is necessary. In addition to quick-thinking is another important quality, which are developing our courses. This aktsentualizirovannaya memory, that is skill at the right moment to recall the desired information. If a man remembers the great amount of detail, he will remember everything related to the topic. Now much more important to remember a small amount of information that only the most important thing, but at the right time.

For this need to handle large amounts of data. Do not remember, but it is processed. Remembered only that small portion that may be needed in the future. Sherlock Holmes held the same views. He compared memory of a man with a loft. Many of his litter, collecting things that will never come in handy. And when there comes the need to remove a particular item, find it is not easy. Genius is not stored in the detective's own attic of extra stuff, doing only the necessary.

Holmes ignorance in some areas around puzzled, but in the professional field was not equal to it. Naturally, it is not necessary to understand "the method of Holmes' literally – general erudition is very useful. However, the processing and utilization of certain information (such as articles scandalous direction) while it is better not to spend. Same with large amounts of data: better not to clutter attic all in a row, and put the real problem and you need to remember just to be sure in a timely recollection of this information.