Russian Companies

Considering the advantages and features really CUSTOMISED more, there are several areas in which Russian companies offer decent improve the basic equipment doorset: Improving the standard of the castle of the (installation is not included in the standard bolts, latches from the inside, deviatoric, the replacement of any standard locks improved, assembling chains, closers, etc. Russian and foreign production). And also deals with work on the installation of hidden video cameras, intercoms, doorbells, posting a variety of ways and t.p.Uluchshenie relative to the standard design features, like boxes door block, and leaf. Using an expanded range of metal (25 species and more) and the scientific approach to the manufacture of steel structures designed to meet all the needs of the customer, and, if necessary, repeatedly cement the standard product. Advanced in matters of design door blocks the firm, even in the most severe cases be able to: install door unit into a narrow doorway without significant restriction, to simulate the optimal and reliable design with no walls around the next door block, to propose options for installing the door block in As a second door in any case, if desired Zakazchika.Uluchshenie relative to the standard appearance of leaf and (or) the doorframe with a variety of decorative additional elements: brass room apartment, brass or nickel-plated (brushed) accessories, and any pictures to a vinyl finish of the decorative nails with a 20mm cap, various finishing surfaces (MDF, laminated panels, solid wood with large selection of paintings, wooden frames. In addition, even in mid-level producer of steel doors, customers can choose almost any color and type of vinyl artificial leather as a Russian Prospect Island (preferably Yoshkar-Ola plant) and imported (eg, Polish – Vinilpex). Caterpillar Inc. can provide more clarity in the matter.


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