Ricochet Matter

One of the metric ones of the services of professional cathedral is the rate by ricochet. These rates by ricochet are also the first variables that we analyzed when we want to determine if our Web site is a success or a failure. It is worth the pain to by ricochet clarify some concepts related to the rate, since he is very frequent that their analysis is seen badly applied. By all means that we would wish that all that enter our Web site they take his time, naveguen by our pages, and, ideally, that cross everything. But this really is something impossible.

But we see that it is a bounce according to the definition of Google. A bounce does not have to do, for Google, with the amount of time that a person happens in a page. A bounce is defined by the percentage of unique pages that a visitor crosses from the moment which she enters website. That is to say, if a visitor enters our Web, it reads a page and one goes away without puncturing in no of our connections, leaving by the same page that entered, this is considered a bounce. However, it is obvious that all the bounces are not bad, or are one signal that something walks bad. This is thus because all the sites are not equal in their structure, content, or call-to-action proposed. Analyzing the metric ones of blog, the rates by ricochet usually are not a metric one that truly it would have to matter to us.

This is thus because he is expectable that the person enters, reads post that interests to him, and it goes away. To this Google flame it bounces. Now, for us, it is a success because we have obtained that the person reads our content. It is certain that analysis detailed of rates by ricochet, where can be determined which pages are more sensible to this end, can give a very right idea us of the segmentation of our Web. For example, he is interesting to study the relation enters visited consultations and pages, and which have the rates by ricochet more discharges, because this would indicate to us that Keyword is not indicated for us. Bond to say that if the user arrives at our page looking for ” destapaciones in Mlaga” and one goes away immediately, without contracting our service nor to arrive at the contact page, this it visits is useless (perhaps the objective of our Web is not indeed to offer destapaciones in Malaga, although we appear positioned well for this key phrase). To landing pages is necessary to interpret them under the same optics. In this case, the rate by ricochet will be a powerful indicator of which our efforts of marketing online are not working suitably, then, which we would wish is that from landing pages the user makes specific call-to-action, which will take inevitably it to visit other pages of our Web.