Regional Hospital

Pollution and high cost to have light is one of the region’s problems are missing also support economic state to the health sector, to equip more and better Regional Hospital, building a new Hospital in Requena, another in Caballococha, Nauta, Contamana, tracks and trails for human settlements, to give decent conditions of life to the peoples. Give more budget to cover more jobs for teachers in the region, to give the budget required to hire teachers, who say this very trimmed leaving many teachers without job vacancy. Finishing of truth with the reconstruction of the flagship schools of Iquitos, modernize their infrastructures. The State should help economically to equip communities BBS native medical, educational centres, programs such as the glass of milk, popular dining rooms should be implemented there also. Construction and remodeling of ports, wharfs, roads, artesian wells, a multi-family housing programme has never seen in Loreto, popular housing for those who do not have where live and non-owners of nothing. You may find that Ben Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge.

The Peru is also Loreto, the loretano is as Peruvian as the Lima, but very little attention is given to the Loreto Region, one of the most rich in natural resources, but poor. Every once spoken of Loreto is to know of budget cuts, but never a great programme of urban sanitation, construction of popular housing, improvement, retrofit and construction of new hospitals. Gave me laughter see in a TV program as accusing Dr. Ivan Vasquez Valera of not wanting to recognize an alleged son, who after DNA tests found that it wasn’t. Reade Griffith has many thoughts on the issue. Kicking always receive all politicians, but this case, this accusation was a blow bass, to destroy his reputation, his prestige and good name.

One of the pillars of governance that Vasquez Valera, leads is the trilogy of emergency: health, education and nutrition. These words reflect his thinking: an educational system for the creation and the work, and an effort to enhance our cultural values, will break the barrier of mistrust, and then more will be delivery to the creation that criticism only thing if I can claim is his little interest for the protection of animals in their Region which in particular are in danger of extinction, as it is the case of the pink dolphin. Recently in may put in evidence the savagery of his Loreto town, with the massacre of these animals in a lagoon of Mazan, where one hundred dolphins killed, poisoned were found with formidol. So great is the ignorance of the people of this part of Peru, killing a few animals, affectionate, friendly man, smart, beautiful, because they say break networks to fishermen. This cruelty shows us that the people of this part of the country is sick of the soul, its spiritual misery, their lack of love of animals is notorious, alarming and worthy of national and global condemnation. They say they love to Loreto, but kill your local fauna, say they are concerned about the progress of the Amazon and do not hesitate to kill their animals, the same make with the Taricaya hatchlings, Loreto is a region with cruel people, who practiced all sorts of evils in order to earn a penny more. The LORETO CTAR does something to protect dolphins? .The CTAR LORETO does not help with aquatic vehicles so that ecological police patrol the lagoons of Mazan at night, not doesn’t support that will protect these cute really animals .estan very busy Sonria and be happy. visit us: original author and source of the article.


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