Many people hate Mondays, because it was on Monday to go to work and deal with the backlog of problems over the weekend. Honestly, before I too did not like Mondays – so much so that the mood port is already on Sunday evening. Out of the situation prompted one good friend, a practicing psychologist. It turns out you just need to 'assign' itself on Monday night some nice ritual. This may be Visit your favorite cafe or watching an interesting film – and the attitude to Monday a few weeks completely changed. I just did just that – bought the exciting fantasy novel in a foreign language (if I heavily involved in German) and read it only on Mondays. And really – after a while found myself thinking that he is looking forward to Monday! What say you? As you have an awkward relationship with the day weeks? If you are not very good – try this psychological method, and I'll be very glad if he will help you as well as helped me! By the way, psychology – the science is very useful for anyone who is actively developing foreign languages. Do You are that learning a foreign language, must take into account your psychological type? It turns out that extroverts and introverts to successfully learning a foreign language to have different approaches. Extroverts – they are people oriented to the outside world, and introverts are mostly concentrated on his inner world. Extroverts are outgoing and sociable, while introverts prefer to spend time alone with a good book and try to avoid noisy companies.