The CALVRIO OF the REBELLED ones Let us breach its ataduras, and let us shake of us its ropes. Sl 2.3. The rebellion or revolt is one of the feelings and attitudes more horrible than can exist in the heart of a human being. It generates the wars, the revolutions, the dissenses, the divorces, the misunderstandings, the malice, the familiar hatred and the violence in general. Much people do not like discipline, order, limitations.

Detestam to obey. They do not like if submitting to the will Mr., therefore they arrive displants at it to call the orders the holy ghosts ataduras and its orientaes of ropes. In Psychology one of the biggest problems it is the revolt feeling. It comes of far, there of the Garden of the den and has, since then, devastated the history of the man. The human being has aversion to the authority, but, mainly, to the divine authority, the authority of the God who attracts in them with love ropes. God wants that humblly let us depend on all the aid that it desires giving in them, that let us have full confidence that this aid will come. Jesus said: ' ' Without me nothing you will be able fazer' '.

This implies in terms suplication spirit, of humble dependence, therefore our capacity comes of God. The Bible calls the rebels ' ' men of hard cerviz' ' , of ' ' obstinados' ' , of ' ' incircuncisos of corao' '. Tiago wrote: ' ' God resists the magnificent ones, of, however, favour to the humble ones. You humiliate you before Mr., and it you exaltar' '. Tg 4,6, 10. Joshua passed a good period of time being in service of Moiss, but it to who God was all placed as successive of Moiss and commander of Israel. Eliseu was a simple servant of Elias but when you arrebatou the great prophet, who if she became the successor of Elias? Eliseu.


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