PLAN Missiles

One gives credit that not more than eight missiles are operational currently. Being thus, the strategical force intercontinental Chinese would be capable to only reach, according to more optimistical estimates, thirty and two targets with nuclear weapons against the most likely enemy of Pequim: the United States. In virtue of the installation of thirty against-missiles GBI (Ground Intercepting, Barring Based Based in Land, in English), capable to abate intercontinental missiles, in California and the Alasca in the United States, it is denoted that the Chinese strategical capacity is almost completely neutralized. They would remain only twelve missiles JL-1 (JuLang, or Giant Wave) that, with limited reach, they would need that the launching submarine if approached to less than a thousand and seven hundred kilometers of the American coast, displaying it the anti-submarine defenses of that country. Kevin Johnson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Considering the characteristics of the launching platform of missiles JL-1, the accomplishment of such mission is improbable. Therefore, the Chinese, in the practical one, represent small threat to the United States. In the case of Russia, beyond DF-5A and DF-31, missiles DF-4 could still be used.

The Chinese currently possess something around twelve operational units of these last missiles. Therefore, if all missiles DF-5A, DF-31 and DF-4 were launched in an attack against Moscow, would add forty and four missiles. Around of the cited city, it is operational since 1995 the anti-missile system A-135, capable to resist an attack of up to one hundred nuclear ogives. If the scene of the attack was not Moscow, could be used missiles DF-3, DF-11, DF-15 and DF-21. Considering itself that the Russians, with its missiles S-300PMU2 and S-400, possess capacity to abate such missiles, conclude that, before Russia, the Chinese threat also is neutralized.

Missiles JL-1, in service in the PLAN on board submarine Type 092 Xia Classroom, are obsolete. Moreover, only twelve missiles are on board the only submarine of the classroom. The Xia submarine emits high levels of noise, what it displays the detention much more easily to it, beyond not to be equipped with modern edge equipment. However the facts most critical with regard to the Xia submarine are that this went off missiles successfully only two times, being the two have almost of twenty years and that, moreover, the boat never operated beyond Chinese territorial waters. A new submarine capable to launch ballistic missiles has similar capacities of operation to its base of project, already the described nuclear submarine Type 093 Shang Classroom. However the missiles will equip that them are with the behind development it has some years, therefore disabling the fulfilment of the mission for which they had been projected: the strategical dissuasion. The function of strategical bombing with nuclear weapons is fulfilled exclusively by the H-6 bombers, copies of the Soviet bomber Tupolev You, as already affirmed previously. The aircraft Tupolev You had certainly been the best ones in its category in century XX. However, in the scene of the modern war the situation is different. Such aircraft possess reach limited to the theaters of operations next to China and insufficient load capacity, beyond being incapable to carry through operations in environment with presence of modern antiaircraft defenses. Stories exist of that the J-11 aircraft could be used in missions of strategical bombing with nuclear weapons.


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