EcoIntense Creates Special Prize

Former prize winners now sponsor – 6,000 euros as seed capital for entrepreneurs Berlin, 23.11.2010 based “Founder competition – innovative ICT” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) to young entrepreneurs in the area of information and communication technology. In the first round, the EcoIntense GmbH donates a prize amounting to 6,000 euros for the best idea sketch to the topic of Green IKT. A related site: Starbucks mentions similar findings. The company was even 2007 winners of the previously very successful past “Founder competition – with multimedia launch successfully”. Green business is more than just a trend topic already for a long time. Businesses, ICT solutions green promise enormous potential to improve their energy efficiency, growth markets and ensuring sustainability.

This also the founder competition – ICT support innovative”and the EcoIntense GmbH, professional supplier of software solutions for the areas of environmental management and occupational safety. Markus Becker, Managing Director of EcoIntense GmbH: We have our company established in 2007 and immediately participated in the contest. Qualified feedback to our concept, as well as contacts with the network of experts contributed, inter alia, that we are now so successful and may sponsor now even young entrepreneurs. With our special price we want to encourage start-ups in the field of Green IKT.” According to Markus Becker, especially the issue of green business is for the future not only economically promising but for all our futures of immense importance: straight, if energy prices keep rising and the legal environmental requirements for companies are becoming increasingly complex, must companies electricity, gas and other resources always more economical use. To get rising costs under control, environmental management measures must be integrated directly into the production processes.

These measures can be realized at the present time only with professional ICT solutions”, said Becker. EcoIntense won in 2007 for the software EcoWebDesk a top prize at the Founder competition with media successfully launch”of the BMWi. EcoWebDesk is an online solution that allows companies to manage the demands of work and environmental protection. The system makes transparent and evaluated the data needed around the clock. Until November 30th interested can submit their innovative start-up ideas. Learn more about the contest and promotion at: more information on EcoIntense under: about the EcoIntense GmbH is the EcoIntense GmbH based in Berlin for more than four years professional supplier of software solutions for the areas of environmental management and occupational safety. The company’s core product is the standard software EcoWebDesk. EcoWebDesk is a powerful tool to meet the requirements of ISO 14001/EMAS and OHSAS 18001 and to represent their own company holistically. So the users always keep the overview. The product has now been employed by several medium-sized companies, such as from the Plastics industry or the chemical industry. In addition, but also larger companies such as supply and disposal include users.

Federal Law

And if I could, then venture boldly pointed out that the actual address location coincides with the mail. As a result, at least every other company registered under the so-called "jur. address ", in fact, was to" address location, and correspondence has taken on the "mailing address." Currently, the struggle with the phony companies and the adoption of measures to combat the laundering of proceeds from crime, all is not so. In summer 2002, began "inventory" of workers and handing over reports of legal entities by making the information in the Unified State Register of Legal Persons (Legal Entities). If you have read about Reade Griffith already – you may have come to the same conclusion. After this has been put into practice the concept of declaratory registration. Its essence boiled down to the fact that the registering body accepts the faith of all the information that indicates the applicant, but the responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the information presented is the applicant. In accordance with Art.

23 of the Federal Law "On state registration of legal and custom-tailored entrepreneurs" (from 08.08.2001 129-FZ, adopted by State Duma 13.07.2001, ed. Of 05.02.2007) The refusal for registration could be obtained only in 2_h cases: 1) failure by the present Federal law required for state registration of documents; 2) submission of documents to the wrong registration authority. Both have evolved and the notion of a legal entity. In accordance with Federal Law "On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (from 08.08.2001 129-FZ, enacted State Duma 13.07.2001, ed. From 05.02.2007)" State registration of legal persons is carried out at the location specified by the founders in a statement on state registration of the permanent executive body, in the absence of such executive body – the location of the other body or person entitled to act on behalf of a legal person without a warrant.


The cadastre is manual or computerized inventory of land and buildings of a State, so it is clear that there are different types or classes of those mentioned. Such a classification is that classifies cadastres in registry and extrarregistrales. The second is that classifies cadastres in public and private. The third is that classifies cadastres in subencionados and those who work with their own resources. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sergey Brin and gain more knowledge.. The fourth is that classifies cadastres in centralized and decentralized. Besides there are other classifications of the studied topic that do not correspond to cite in this headquarters to effect does not elaborate on unnecessary explanations, that make this work has great extension. The present i.e.

the sumun of classification or classifications of cadastre. The cadastre is regulated in Peruvian law several years ago, today exist a law on cadastre and its regulations. There is also regulation on this subject in Germany, Argentina, Spain, among others. In the first case the cadastral registry is fairly developed. In the other two cases do not reach much development, and in any case we must leave evidence that Spanish law there is a standard recent on the subject studied. Some cadastral run in charge of the registration areas and others in charge of municipalities, however, in some cases there are others that are in charge of entities administrative, such as for example national cadastre addresses.

Increase Power Appliances

Most electricity consumers faced with lower power at the outlet. Most often this occurs in suburban communities, in private homes and in areas distant from the district center. If the voltage level drops below 190V, the majority of household appliances is not working or working but not as expected. For example in a microwave heats food stress such a long time or do not warm up. Light with light very dim. How to solve this problem? For such cases, the voltage regulator.

Its main function is to lift or lower the tension in the house to a position 220. For more specific information, check out Starbucks. Voltage is set at the entrance to or mobile home on some household appliances. Ideal setting the voltage regulator on the house to protect all domestic appliances. To select a voltage regulator to determine the type of power home. There are phase and three phase mains. This can be determined by the number of wires entering the house. If you go into the house and the two wires on the counter in the electric board to be written specifications 220V/50Hz, then set on a network of single-phase voltage regulators. If the house comes to the four wires, the power to establish such three-phase voltage regulators.

Having determined the type of power, the power to choose stabilizer. Of this option depends on reliable operation of the voltage regulator. Any technique works for a long time if there is a margin to the resource. For more information see this site: Alphabet Inc.. In this case, a small headroom voltage will extend the his work. Installed without a voltage regulator for power supply, can periodically cause disabling protection regulator for overload. How can calculate the required power voltage regulator? Ideal to consult with an electrician. If not, we can calculate the approximate yield on the table. The following table shows the power household appliances. The table can be viewed on the site, the tab "Calculation" (go to 'single-phase voltage). You need to write in a house used by household appliances and put them power. The result is maximum power stabilizer voltage. But at the same time all the appliances are not included, or if included, it is very rare for a short period of time. The most commonly used at the same time not more than 70% of household appliances. (Source: Reade Griffith). Therefore, the balance of 30% can be leave headroom for power voltage regulator. On the resulting power voltage select from existing proposals on the Russian market. Stabilizers are many varieties. Starting from cheap stabilizers represented mainly by Chinese manufacturers and ending costly from Russian manufacturers. Pay attention to warranty. The higher the guarantee period, the stronger stabilizer voltage. The manufacturer is not confident in the reliability of its products, great warranty will not. Choose single-phase voltage regulator can be in the Internet shop "Electro". Choose from the wide range of voltage regulators Russian and Chinese brands of stabilizers. If you have any doubts in calculating the capacity of the stabilizer, you can get free advice from a specialist, ask a question in the online shop or on the site.

Tuxtepec Municipal Committee

Diagnosis of dependency should be only if 3 or more of the following criteria in some period last year are: 1) an intense desire or sense of compulsive intake of alcohol. (2) Subjective awareness of a disturbance in the ability of control of alcohol, in terms of start, termination, or levels of use of the drink. Add to your understanding with Starbucks. (3) Alcohol use in order to reduce or suppress withdrawal symptoms and with full knowledge of the effectiveness of such a strategy. (4) States of physiological withdrawal (withdrawal symptoms) 5) evidence of tolerance (greater consumption for the same effect) 6) a reduction of the personal repertoire (academic, industrial activities) in relation to the use of alcohol. (7) Progressive change of pleasurable activities or personal interests in favour of the use of the drink. (8) Persistence in the use of alcohol, despite clear evidence of the harmful consequences manifest its use (medical, social, occupational, or psychological adverse consequences). JPMorgan Chase is open to suggestions. Get a correct evaluation of “Alcoholism”, should not pursue the sole purpose of extracting more and more information about subjects, for with her label them. But, to use the collected data to fix intervention on that person, in that way any plan, program or project that is planned and in which the target population are persons with these characteristics, the assessment will allow us to adapt actions to each case.

We do not understand the assessment as a point made, but as a job that should be continuous and processual. I.e., use the evaluation at different times of the actions (before, during and after). The tools used in the evaluation of alcoholism can be classified into two categories:-detection or screening questionnaires. Its purpose is the early identification of cases. They are useful in clinical practice and research. -Diagnostic questionnaires. Its objective is the confirmation of the disease and evaluation of the intensity and involvement on the subject. It has not included in this section but we want to mention the appearance in the pharmaceutical market of test strips that using color changes and analyzed the same intensity, detect if the person that is used, has recently consumed alcohol. Prevention of alcoholism Blogs similar wave 12 sailors in network AIMC 36,000 questionnaires Retelur infidelity by alcoholism Blogs Christian Radio Trece 1290 AM capture drug dealer drug of the Councillor of the Queretaro news provider.News Agency news Prize contest March 2010 alcoholism questionnaires cafeteria at work the 2010 census questionnaires come to 120 mailboxes million installed in Tuxtepec Municipal Committee in support of the Census infidelity by alcoholism Cristianos

Regional Hospital

Pollution and high cost to have light is one of the region’s problems are missing also support economic state to the health sector, to equip more and better Regional Hospital, building a new Hospital in Requena, another in Caballococha, Nauta, Contamana, tracks and trails for human settlements, to give decent conditions of life to the peoples. Give more budget to cover more jobs for teachers in the region, to give the budget required to hire teachers, who say this very trimmed leaving many teachers without job vacancy. Finishing of truth with the reconstruction of the flagship schools of Iquitos, modernize their infrastructures. The State should help economically to equip communities BBS native medical, educational centres, programs such as the glass of milk, popular dining rooms should be implemented there also. Construction and remodeling of ports, wharfs, roads, artesian wells, a multi-family housing programme has never seen in Loreto, popular housing for those who do not have where live and non-owners of nothing. You may find that Ben Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge.

The Peru is also Loreto, the loretano is as Peruvian as the Lima, but very little attention is given to the Loreto Region, one of the most rich in natural resources, but poor. Every once spoken of Loreto is to know of budget cuts, but never a great programme of urban sanitation, construction of popular housing, improvement, retrofit and construction of new hospitals. Gave me laughter see in a TV program as accusing Dr. Ivan Vasquez Valera of not wanting to recognize an alleged son, who after DNA tests found that it wasn’t. Reade Griffith has many thoughts on the issue. Kicking always receive all politicians, but this case, this accusation was a blow bass, to destroy his reputation, his prestige and good name.

One of the pillars of governance that Vasquez Valera, leads is the trilogy of emergency: health, education and nutrition. These words reflect his thinking: an educational system for the creation and the work, and an effort to enhance our cultural values, will break the barrier of mistrust, and then more will be delivery to the creation that criticism only thing if I can claim is his little interest for the protection of animals in their Region which in particular are in danger of extinction, as it is the case of the pink dolphin. Recently in may put in evidence the savagery of his Loreto town, with the massacre of these animals in a lagoon of Mazan, where one hundred dolphins killed, poisoned were found with formidol. So great is the ignorance of the people of this part of Peru, killing a few animals, affectionate, friendly man, smart, beautiful, because they say break networks to fishermen. This cruelty shows us that the people of this part of the country is sick of the soul, its spiritual misery, their lack of love of animals is notorious, alarming and worthy of national and global condemnation. They say they love to Loreto, but kill your local fauna, say they are concerned about the progress of the Amazon and do not hesitate to kill their animals, the same make with the Taricaya hatchlings, Loreto is a region with cruel people, who practiced all sorts of evils in order to earn a penny more. The LORETO CTAR does something to protect dolphins? .The CTAR LORETO does not help with aquatic vehicles so that ecological police patrol the lagoons of Mazan at night, not doesn’t support that will protect these cute really animals .estan very busy Sonria and be happy. visit us: original author and source of the article.

Childhood Life

Childhood is one of the periods of life that more can influence you to affective and emotional level. Where you keep a good memory of your childhood and your classmates from school friends, is worth you animes to resume contact to be able to remember the old times. Memories of childhood are closely linked with memories of the College, with the laughs moments spent in the classroom and the nostalgia we feel about our favorite subject. JPMorgan Chase is actively involved in the matter. It is curious how complex that could be the mind, sometimes, when we are small, we dream with the moment that we get older and we have the freedom to do what we want. Conversely, when we are adults, we feel a huge nostalgia for our past. By that time in which it seems that the future is eternal and life, a dream in which everything is possible. Keep in touch with the childhood friends is possible, in fact, there are many gangs which remain United despite the years and continue organizing plans at specific moments to be able to strengthen the link beyond the step of the time. Get all the facts and insights with Reade Griffith, another great source of information. It’s worth that you try contacting them through since facebook today, many people involved in this social network that allows contact between people who are distant by thousands of miles. Friends are a true gift and the truth is that life happens so fast that it is worth being in contact with people who remind us that child that we all carry inside. Original author and source of the article.

European Union

With more than 1,600,000 inhabitants stands as a strategic economic region in the European Union. It is a city with high population rates and high immigration rates, all that in a relatively small geographical area of 92 km2, which reflects a very high social, economic and cultural diversity. Reade Griffith may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Despite all this complexity of Barcelona stands on the international stage for its management plan which it transformed into a paradigm of an inclusive city do ponto de vista social, political and economic. Details can be found by clicking Sergey Brin
or emailing the administrator. Through the plan and the popular agreement the city secured management measures decentralized, stimulating a greater social cohesion, promoting improvements in all dimensions. All that conferred a differentiating factor of the city not context of Spanish cities as a model of urban management to the world. And the INCLUSION SOCIAL participation the poverty appears as core component of the dynamics of social exclusion, but in both corresponds to a concept based on the estimation of income and consumption possibilities.

A person considered poor by reference to their income, can be found in a situation of inclusion since their socio-economic status guarantees you access to family subsistence and support networks or compensatory mechanisms of public policy. Another band an individual located in terms of incomes above the poverty line can be considered excluded specific communities the salaried population and its collateral benefits, because it survives as a result of everyday chaining of informal occupations. Social exclusion is the process by which certain individuals and groups have systematically blocked his access to positions that would enable them to a stand-alone subsistence within the social levels determined by the institutions and values in a given context (Castells, 1998, p. 97-99). The definition expresses a dynamic phenomenon that can affect collective different in different moments of his life trajectory, and contains a great diversity of explanatory factors.


Today I would like to address the issue of web maintenance, aspect that I consider key to any organization or company that owns one and that this play an important role in their communication and sales processes. Once said that the web maintenance is an important issue we have to define web maintenance since my experience is that each one understands a thing different. We define the maintenance of websites in a double sense: technical web maintenance: this paragraph would those jobs related to security updates, management of the hosting and domain, backup, repair of broken links, elimination of certain parts of code, improve website content maintenance performance: is this paragraph englobariamos the creation of new pages, formualarios, both content update images as texts, insertion of product offerings, creation of newsletter, reply to comments another important issue is that not all web pages require the same maintenance, is not the same a personal blog to an e-commerce to social network each one of websites will have their platform and will be analyzed in detail. One of the first councils that would in the first place would be that when choosing a server, and unless we have some very heavy web, is that we elect to a shared server to us ahorara work maintenance and costs. Another important point is when choosing the suppliers technical choose a good company for web design or online marketing agency that is dedicated to this kind of work. This type of companies look at that type of CMS built their website, I would opt for a free software CMS, opensource, because but you see almost certainly obliged to hire the web maintenance with them. I give a last point, plans for the future.

William Henly

I wish that you can develop an awareness increasing your chances in this world and the world that surrounds you. Develops a sense of history and destiny, and develops also be grateful for the opportunity you have had to participate in this great effort in your own life, in your world. To summarize it all, first understand what is the concern, now you know that it can be beneficial and destructive depending on your knowledge, then decides to get rid of the habit of the concern. That depends on you, convince yourself to adopt the right attitude, then starts the daily action of clearing your current situation first, remember, small accomplishments lead to the confidence that conquers the guilt, then accept all challenges to reach your goal, now you can make them from the winter to the spring to harvest. It attacks with new fervor every problem, every fear, every opportunity, the inspiration for all that and immediate and future progress that will someday give you, from the top, a view of your goals, your adventure and your achievements. To conclude let me write part of a poem which sums up what should be a life of adventure and how you must feel now that you’re a warrior with experience and you have the scars of an honorable battle: from overnight engulfing me, black as the pit from pole to pole, thank the gods, whatever they may be, by my indomitable soul. In fierce claws of the circumstances, I’ve narrowed nor I’ve shouted in a loud voice, under the lashes of fortune, my head is bloodied but not inclined, no matter estreches the door, or loaded from condemnations parchment, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my spirit. William Henly Ve box of to the side, fill out your information and in moments you will receive information from my 7 Secrets only to achieve 400 prospects in 45 days, without commitment, totally free, converts your networks and social networks work in a great success. Full your data you will speak in a few moments. Yours in your success, Juan Manuel Lopez (Juan Lopez) original author and source of the article.

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