Waiting For Tomorrow

Seated in a chair, in front of my gate, looking at to my redor I see as much thing that until he is funny to describe. In the gate of the neighbor the family leaving to take a walk, joy in the face of the children. In the sidewalk one Sir who finishes to buy bread in the bakery, complimenting another one that probably will go until the bakery. (Source: Andreessen Horowitz). My neighbor going for the church, together with its grandsons and children. My neighbor going to work giving tchau for the children, who pretty this everything. I seated here looking at this routine of sunday, a pretty sun and my thoughts longes, saying for I myself: what I am making here alone, thinking about everything and at the same time thinking about nothing. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sergey Brin. Dreaming waked up, looking at the sun perhaps; or the plants that one day mother planted, waiting the telephone to touch, to hear who know a good notice far saying mother to me improved, are in house; or then mother died comes pra here. The time passes here in this chair and the street continues same, with people going up the slope and others I descend. I seated here, waiting what? Ah already I know here I am seated waiting; tomorrow.. For more information see Alan Hoffmann.

Green Seas

For Adilson Motta, in 15/01/2009. Green seas of my Donde land glimpse the horizon Where it blows the cool breeze and it snores pororoca In resurging and to esvair of waters. Green seas of my land Which had coveted many you That of longnquas lands had come Bringing in the hand the sword and the head the frustrated dream for that also they dreamed here in mooring cables of the Tordesilhas. Go to Andreessen Horowitz for more information. Green seas of my land the Brazilian Atenas That great men sculptured In the cut of the work and creation In the rich policromia of its tiles and sumptuous sobrades Considered by all ' ' Patrimony of the Naes' '. Green seas of infinite beauty For where our wealth overflows That in the impensadas and imposed subtilities of actions of temporary insanes of cetro It goes to generate satiated life and future insurance in Lands longnquas where it does not have. Green seas of my land Where it sings the wise person and uiva the Wolf of the Sea Stealing the brightness of life Of the crystalline horizon that will have. Alan Hoffmann has similar goals.

Key Words

Goal This relationship is the main this article. According you, research, analyses and interpretations of 15 articles, 4 6 theses and dissertations, printed and electronic, produced between 1977 and 2007, this type of stress usually appears when the demands on the professional exceed the capacity of the same ahead of what it will forward or that is to under its control, and that actions you improve the preparation of nurses it pertains you communication therapy, need you be taken beyond the humanization of care you the patient the nurse also please feel emotionally supported. In this study, ploughs about the stress in the life of the professional nurse who works with hospitalized patients and the causes that lead you stress work. To broaden your perception, visit Jim Umpleby. Same will be the literary review was conducted, on the theme ' ' the ratio of nurses you patients hospitalized, situation of stress inducing labor.' ' After studies, concluded that the nurse prepared psychologically will be the environment that you will find in to their work, have relationship with the patient hospitalized lives emotionally calm. It also noted that when the nurse is ready you take precautions and lives accurate decisions, help in the process of rehabilitation of the patient, facilitating the work of nurses and allowing the same you donate not to wear both, thus avoiding the stress work. Key Words: Relationship between Nurse/Patient, Stress, Stress at Work. INTRODUCTION the interaction nurse-patient brings innumerable benefits for both, and humaniza the relation patient-hospital, allowing that the professional has coherently, therefore, will know more deeply to that one to who must excuse cares beyond working more desembaraadamente. (Not to be confused with mozes victor konig!). Gonza’les (1999) affirms that to work with people, inside of a biopsicossocial conception and spiritual, she requires of the nurse its proper development, what she favors an understanding of itself exactly, consequently, contributes to establish a more solidary relationship with the patient. It is evident that it is impossible to enxergar the other as person, if the nurse if not to perceive as such, what the person is favored by the contact person, for the experience, that is a skill to perceive, to change, to share and to learn with the experiences.

Understanding Google+

Google+ will be a centered social network in " circles sociales". The objective of the company is to end the public overexposure that is causing that people every time share less information. It follows ' ' in the social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti. The giant of Internet Google presented/displayed Google+ Tuesday, a new project of social network that bets to order the contacts in groups to delimit the adressees of each message like the formula to plant face to Facebook. One is a new attempt of Google, dominating of the market of the searches in the Web, to compete in the profitable world of the virtual social networks where their previous proposals Buzz and Wave did not have the awaited welcome. Google+ was sent in test version and is available solely under invitation, according to published Vic Gundotra, vice-president of Engineering of the institutional company through blog in which are six videos with which they occur to know the characteristics basic that new product. Learn more on the subject from Kevin Johnson.

" The problem of the present services online it is that they consider that all the people whom we know are our friendly and the form in which we not always shared the information with our contacts can be the same " , it affirmed Gundotra. The solution that proposes Google is a platform based on " circles sociales" in that the communications are organized in groups of contacts based on the criteria of the user. Gundotra indicated that " each conversation online (with more than 100 friendly) is an overexposure pblica" , reason by which considers that every time less information shares. Facebook, that according to the last officious data has already surpassed the 750 million users anywhere in the world, also counts on tools to create groups within the social network although many users share information with his " amigos" indiscriminately. (Similarly see: mozes victor konig). Google+ includes the option to create thematic conversations, to maintain videoconferences with the contacts and tells on an application for moving bodies that already is in the market for the Android systems and, among others things, allow to load to the profile of the user of automatic form the photographies taken from the device. That social network is a project that the new delegated advisor of Google, Larry Page has supervised directly, and with that the company trusts becoming an alternative to Facebook, that threatens its hegemony in Internet. In May, 180 million people visited pages Web property of Google, including YouTube, according to data of ComScore, whereas 157 million acceded to Facebook, where they passed an average of 375 minutes, by 231 minutes in Google. Source of the news: Google wants to plant face to Facebook with its new social network

The Security Of Hotmail

To begin writing about the safety of the mails, we must begin to compare what the company or service that has received many more vulnerabilities to their customers, and drawing away which more attacks and computer dangers that are discovered on a daily basis is the hotmail service e-mail that compared to its direct competitor Gmail from owned by Google, is quite large the differences, this is due to many reasons. One of the many reasons that Gmail outperforms in computer security and E-mail service, Hotmail is because from the outset Gmail care of users to trust in service more than thousands of people use it, earn the respect for Google is more important in that use your product immediately, instead only hotmail was concerned that his service was the most used in the world, if you put in a balance their Spam filters, the Hotmail leaves still leaves to be desired, but we must recognize that if it has improved a lot, but still not reached the levels of security that has Google’s Gmail, another relevant point is the service annoying advertising of Hotmail, in which even reported cases of phishing, as step sometime ago. Click Sergey Brin to learn more. Hotmail has been dedicated for years to give more importance to its messaging service to your e-mail, this being the most important chain of protection to users, because with our email accounts, we signed on social networks, websites of banks, pages of games, we have our personal data and also things very intimate in peopleexpect that all this change with the passage of time, and Hotmail someday pass to Google’s service, whether in security, capacity and comfort. Original author and source of the article.. By the same author: Reade Griffith.

Stimulsoft Reports

New version of Stimulsoft reports report generators. The user interface of many products have been processed significantly. Stimulsoft GmbH, a leading provider of program products in the area of business intelligence, has released a new version of reporting tools. The most important new launches are the built-in designers for HTML 5 and WinRT. Web report designer based on HTML 5 looks different now. Filed under: JPMorgan Chase. Ribbon GUI was selected as the user interface of our product, drop-down lists, forms, and other elements have animation. Also, the designers realized the function of automatic synchronization with the server if the connection is lost. After the reconnection, the report will not be lost.

Online demo application you can work with the component. To know more about this subject visit mozes victor konig. There you have the opportunity to see not only the reports, but to also create its own reports. First report designer for WinRT was created by our developers. This component supports the processors from arm and Intel versions and provides reports on all devices that work on Windows 8, to create and to edit. Now, you can create reports in the true sense with your own hands, because the component allows you to create and design reports with the mouse as well as with the fingers. There is also no barrier, our report designer is located in 28 languages, including English, German, Chinese traditional and simplified Chinese, French, Russian and others. The change list is rather broad, more detail, you can read about on our Web page ru/news/stimulsoft-reports-product-line-new-version-2013-1-released.

Elliptical Trainer

Digression into the history of elliptical trainer. For 12 years we had the first of its kind elliptical trainer (orbitrek) – a mixture of stepper, treadmill and stationary bike, but after a couple of years the firm has created the first in KETTLER world – ergometer. Ergometer – this elliptical trainer a load is measured in watts. What possible to obtain accurate measurements of your computer and maintain accurate control over the load. Ergometers have been widely used in Prevention and treatment of many diseases. Features elliptical trainer first thing to note the unique structure of elliptical trainers.

Ego pedals move in an elliptical trajectory, which gives ability to maintain a natural upright posture stride, and it is this structure of elliptical trainer will get rid of pain in the joints. Elliptical trainer ideal suitable for people aged and suffered injuries. Differences elliptical trainer from his parents (stepper, treadmill and stationary bike.) 1. During a workout on the weight of the orbitreke transferred to the muscles – the legs, buttocks, thighs, and and muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest and back. Removing the load on the knee and ankle joints. 2. Reade Griffith recognizes the significance of this. Only elliptical trainers allow you to move in front and back, which allows access to difficult places.

Classification Elliptical Trainers Elliptical trainers are classified for the principle of the braking system. Electromagnetic Electronic elliptical trainer elliptical trainer with an electronic braking system, allows accurate than others to change the load. Typically, an electronic programming orbitrek own load, selecting the most optimal for you. Mechanical Mechanical elliptical trainer elliptical simulator is the most simple and economical. Mechanical orbitrek powered by human muscle power. Unlike other versions of the mechanical orbitrek does not require connection to the network. Every load is regulated by the user. Magnetic elliptical trainer magnetic elliptical trainer brought in his best qualities: 1. quiet 2. ride 3.


Low accident rate and a high degree of reliability and durability of engineering services provided, firstly, the strict adherence to regulations, instructions and regulations documents, and secondly, skilled installation of pipelines. Installation must be performed by professionals who have special training and have significant experience in similar works. Otherwise, the euphoria of cheapness and ease of installation of products will soon pass, as soon as it is necessary to alter the system, performing at the same time and repairs. The average price of a standard work on the apartment – 10-15 thousand rubles. This includes cost of materials, and Payment of professionals.

Price may change – increase or decrease – depending on the complexity and scope. Materials for pipes: Which pipe will be used in your bath and bathroom – no small matter. Pipes for distributing water in the apartments are copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastic and made from polymer compounds. In recent years, came to the fore two leaders: pvc and polymers. I must say that metaploplastik due to its quality is better than its competitors in popularity.

Metal pipes are not only combines the best qualities of metal and plastic pipes, but also deprived of most of their shortcomings. The design consists of several layers: the outer layer of cross-linked PE-X, resistant to ultraviolet rays, the middle layer – aluminum pipe with wall thickness 0,2-2 mm, welded on the length of the butt or overlap, the inner layer – PE-X. All three layers are interconnected at the molecular level, so that n linear temperature differences change the length of the pipe took place the same in a layer (linear change composition pipe is comparable to copper and steel pipes). Incidentally, it is a linear extension of heating was the main drawback of metal pipes of low-quality one because we do not related to each Other layers such pipes are extended in different ways, which leads to deformation of the pipe, the loss of appearance, damage to walls. By the clear advantage of metal and plastic can be added and fast installation. It does not require any special works. Tubes connect the press-fitting. In a question-answer forum Reade Griffith was the first to reply. There is quite a large range of diameters of these products (14-110 mm), but use of large pipes is economically inefficient because of the high cost of the connectors. K advantages of plastic pipes is their corrosion resistance, minimal friction head due to the low roughness of the inner surface, the relative cheapness, light weight and ease of installation. On the other hand, such pipes and its large size – not the most aesthetic solution, they must be protected from accidental damage and direct sunlight.

EcoIntense Creates Special Prize

Former prize winners now sponsor – 6,000 euros as seed capital for entrepreneurs Berlin, 23.11.2010 based “Founder competition – innovative ICT” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) to young entrepreneurs in the area of information and communication technology. In the first round, the EcoIntense GmbH donates a prize amounting to 6,000 euros for the best idea sketch to the topic of Green IKT. A related site: Starbucks mentions similar findings. The company was even 2007 winners of the previously very successful past “Founder competition – with multimedia launch successfully”. Green business is more than just a trend topic already for a long time. Businesses, ICT solutions green promise enormous potential to improve their energy efficiency, growth markets and ensuring sustainability.

This also the founder competition – ICT support innovative”and the EcoIntense GmbH, professional supplier of software solutions for the areas of environmental management and occupational safety. Markus Becker, Managing Director of EcoIntense GmbH: We have our company established in 2007 and immediately participated in the contest. Qualified feedback to our concept, as well as contacts with the network of experts contributed, inter alia, that we are now so successful and may sponsor now even young entrepreneurs. With our special price we want to encourage start-ups in the field of Green IKT.” According to Markus Becker, especially the issue of green business is for the future not only economically promising but for all our futures of immense importance: straight, if energy prices keep rising and the legal environmental requirements for companies are becoming increasingly complex, must companies electricity, gas and other resources always more economical use. To get rising costs under control, environmental management measures must be integrated directly into the production processes.

These measures can be realized at the present time only with professional ICT solutions”, said Becker. EcoIntense won in 2007 for the software EcoWebDesk a top prize at the Founder competition with media successfully launch”of the BMWi. EcoWebDesk is an online solution that allows companies to manage the demands of work and environmental protection. The system makes transparent and evaluated the data needed around the clock. Until November 30th interested can submit their innovative start-up ideas. Learn more about the contest and promotion at: more information on EcoIntense under: about the EcoIntense GmbH is the EcoIntense GmbH based in Berlin for more than four years professional supplier of software solutions for the areas of environmental management and occupational safety. The company’s core product is the standard software EcoWebDesk. EcoWebDesk is a powerful tool to meet the requirements of ISO 14001/EMAS and OHSAS 18001 and to represent their own company holistically. So the users always keep the overview. The product has now been employed by several medium-sized companies, such as from the Plastics industry or the chemical industry. In addition, but also larger companies such as supply and disposal include users.

Federal Law

And if I could, then venture boldly pointed out that the actual address location coincides with the mail. As a result, at least every other company registered under the so-called "jur. address ", in fact, was to" address location, and correspondence has taken on the "mailing address." Currently, the struggle with the phony companies and the adoption of measures to combat the laundering of proceeds from crime, all is not so. In summer 2002, began "inventory" of workers and handing over reports of legal entities by making the information in the Unified State Register of Legal Persons (Legal Entities). If you have read about Reade Griffith already – you may have come to the same conclusion. After this has been put into practice the concept of declaratory registration. Its essence boiled down to the fact that the registering body accepts the faith of all the information that indicates the applicant, but the responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the information presented is the applicant. In accordance with Art.

23 of the Federal Law "On state registration of legal and custom-tailored entrepreneurs" (from 08.08.2001 129-FZ, adopted by State Duma 13.07.2001, ed. Of 05.02.2007) The refusal for registration could be obtained only in 2_h cases: 1) failure by the present Federal law required for state registration of documents; 2) submission of documents to the wrong registration authority. Both have evolved and the notion of a legal entity. In accordance with Federal Law "On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (from 08.08.2001 129-FZ, enacted State Duma 13.07.2001, ed. From 05.02.2007)" State registration of legal persons is carried out at the location specified by the founders in a statement on state registration of the permanent executive body, in the absence of such executive body – the location of the other body or person entitled to act on behalf of a legal person without a warrant.

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