Mass Media

The farther away the more. Former entertainment is no longer generate buzz, have to look for something more sophisticated, exclusive and expensive …. After the yard swing, American roller coaster – it’s just the bomb! But after a parachute jump in freefall from a height of 4000 meters, funny roller coaster seem kindergarten … and all of life becomes a race for something new. Dreaming about the next “new product” or a flight to catapult many of us forget that the happy hormones – endorphins – you can get not only in the pursuit of extreme experiences, but also with ordinary human pleasures. A leading source for info: Kevin Johnson. As you can see, almost all the ways to influence directed at to reduce to the minimum of what is human, that we have: our soul, our morality, our conscience.

What is man without a soul? The robot, a zombie, a puppet … And what are the – you know, and myself. Second question: who and why is all this necessary? Logic follow simple: feeding the average layman sensations, new and compelling images, drawing them into the adventure, investigation, promising new kryshesryvayuschie feelings, and various print online newspaper, TV shows and Web sites have thus to his readers and viewers. The main point is that all this is addictive. And the wider audience can be zombie – the higher the rating. The higher the rating – the more attractive to advertisers. The more advertisers claim to be essential – so it is more expensive. The more expensive the ad space – the higher the profits channel (newspaper, website), which will inevitably face higher wages employees, and in particular the administration.

And one more thing about which we should not forget – it’s sponsors and the ideas that they dictate. Visit Reade Griffith for more clarity on the issue. It is these invisible gray cardinals try using the media to turn people into puppets then to control them, using as leverage television, newspapers and internet.Kak not be tempted? Our childhood is far behind. But this does not guarantee that we are not affected, marching with monitors and screens TV. We – adults and we also have interests. Mass Media welcomes them at the same time dictating the rules. How can resist information that affects our minds? Analyze. When you see on the screen of the new character, who like almost everyone thought – due to what he attributes to attract people? What is its efficiency? If you really want to succeed Dr. Hausa, consider: what do you like (or what not enough): attachment to drugs or misanthropy still high intelligence and skill to use it? Feel it. If the monitor with a small black man such as Mr. Freeman’s sarcastic voice leads you to believe that you do not live so – feel yourself. What exactly do you want? Really throw your hard drive t give a mobile phone? Or are you just afraid to lose face, without answering the call, “And you little …?”. It’s a banal odds manipulation. With psevdologicheskih structures can drive in your head that you want. Do not forget it. A phone and leave the hard drive itself – and they will serve more than proving the unknown, that you do not tryapka.Ostavaysya a man who chooses his wishes and makes his plans for the future. Be confident in their actions and decisions. And then the manipulator will be less chance you upravlyat.Chitay IT’shnye blogs and journals.


David Rockefeller

The trap was borrowed in large banks in New York and London petrodollars ‘recycling’. These ‘eurodollar’ banks provide dollar loans to desperate Third World countries initially on a “floating rates” tied to the London rate of LIBOR. When the LIBOR rate rose during the month by about 300% as a result of the Volcker shock therapy, these debtor countries were unable to continue to pay interest. Urged the IMF and began the greatest Rogue Sabbath in world history, mistakenly called ‘The debt crisis of Third World countries’. This crisis is quite predictably provoked a shock policy Volcker. For even more details, read what Ben Horowitz says on the issue.

In 1986, after seven years of relentlessly high interest rates by the Fed under Volcker, filed credulous public as “squeezing inflation out of the economy U.S. ‘, the internal state of the U.S. economy was terrible. Much of America began to resemble the Third World: the growing slums and double-digit unemployment, rising crime and drug addiction. The Fed report showed that 55% of all American families were net debtors. The annual federal deficit has reached unprecedented up to this level of over $ 250 billion In reality, Volcker, a personal protege of David Rockefeller of the , was sent to Washington for one purpose – to save the dollar from free-fall and collapse that threatened the role of the U.S. dollar as global reserve currency. This role of the dollar as a reserve currency was hidden the key to American financial domination. Once U.S. interest rates skyrocketed, foreign investors have rushed for profit by buying U.



By mid 2008, it became clear that the crisis will not end overnight. After contemplating the situation, the landlords were forced nevertheless to reduce the rents Boards up to 600-700 dollars for business class apartments in Minsk. Others are landlords, not wanting to part with the usual monthly income, left to their apartments at market rent. Reade Griffith shines more light on the discussion. Typically, the owner of this apartment has its principal place of work. Renting an apartment in Minsk at night for him – only an additional source of income. He does not always have their time and customers need to adjust to the schedule of his employment. Cleaning of the apartment he held either in your lunch break or after work.

Therefore naive to expect from him a professional approach, because he is on neither the strength nor the time. He has no need to create your own Internet site, as Free bulletin board with photos of apartment offered for rent for rent in Minsk perfectly fulfill its role, besides the creation and promotion of the site require large financial investments. In terms of advertising, the most that he can afford, Accommodation for 2-3 paid portals Real Estate, as well as placing print ads. Naturally, having a flat, he has no need to open bank account and he can not work with entities and take cashless payment. The only thing he can offer – a cash payment and issue coupons Form 20 fs. As for booking of apartments, such persons agree to the reservation "on the words" In practice, this book to anything it does not oblige.


Fund Mutual

The Loss of each investor in this case amounted to 4,3%. I want to make you happy, there is a more lucrative retirement program. It’s private pension funds, which tend to show greater profitability than inflation. I want to dispel your belief that if this corporate means not reliable. It is not.

The activities of private pension funds controlled by the state, and the worst for the fund is to lose a license, but even in this case, investors do not lose their savings. How to choose the pension fund will be discussed in the next article, or you can look at section of apf, and we now have with you, other tasks. – And what to do with free money and 10% of the R / P? Investment instruments, rather a lot. This is a bank deposit, and additional pension products, insurance and mutual funds, except that it is necessary to choose wisely and according to their goals. Jim Umpleby has similar goals. – John, Joe, why are you here to dig? Suffice suffer, the beer gets cold! What the Fund does not choose to take this one reds.

Yes, no, left! Gentlemen! It’s your money, and only you decide where to invest. Reade Griffith has much to offer in this field. Once you have the right to dispose of his capital, so choose and learn your selected funds, learn as much as possible about their activities, look how old they are on the market. Do not repeat the mistakes mmm depositors who fled only for profit. Not worth listening to advice from friends, unless they are financial consultants. Here’s how to change sub-$ 100, at different time intervals and at different% rate years5% % % % apr 100 $ 100 $ 100 $ 100 $ 5,128 $ 161 $ 201 $ 249 $ 10,163 $ 259 $ 405 $ 619 $ 15,208 $ 418 $ 814 $ 1,541 $ 25,339 $ 1,083 $ 3 292 $ 9,540 $ And if you invest $ 100 every month? Well well in the quarter, or half a year. The beauty of 10% of your salary that if they invest each month, special harm the family budget will not bring, and mutual funds provide an opportunity to invest on 100rub, ie What would the salary was not, you can become an investor and to protect themselves in the future. Very often I hear from people the following: – Oh, come on, we passed it in the ninety-eighth year. I remember very well that year. I was a student, and the crisis has swept across the beer and cigars Ah! Yes, the money! Who won in 1998. Aunt Lena was quickly bought a washing machine? Maybe Uncle Bob from the upper deck, having invested all his money in dollars? I can tell you that won financially educated people who have put money into securities. Market failure affected all sectors of the economy and securities market, too, which rapidly began to fall in price. And what do financially educated people in the falling market. That’s right, they start to fly, thus reducing cost already purchased shares. I will tell you a secret, but I have not heard that in 1998 would be bankrupt at least one mutual funds. Banks, yes, yes the company, but mutual funds do not. I do not want, what would you immediately rushed to invest.

The Child That Presents Problems With Las Matematicas

Mathematics usually present many difficulties to students of any educational level. However children in primary education are those who live these difficulties, worse since they realize talking with peers, older siblings and parents that this is something that is going to have much importance throughout all his schooling. At first, parents and educators often attributed problems with mathematics to lack of personal effort of the child and do not arise that these issues go beyond the academic motivation of the child towards mathematics. Further details can be found at Ben Horowitz, an internet resource. Dyscalculia means discalculias the difficulties experienced by the child in the area of calculation. There are two main types of dyscalculia:-Acalculia or dyscalculia elementary: is associated with a brain injury that produces a total impossibility for the calculation. -Dyscalculia true or secondary: the person expresses multiple symptoms discalculicos associated with other disorders of verbal, spatial, temporal, symbolic and cognitive type. The discalculias have the following characteristics: – perceptivo-visuales alterations – difficulties to perform certain arithmetic operations (sum, subtraction, multiplications, divisions, roots, etc.) – low capacity of reasoning – difficulty mental calculation – difficulty in the management of numbers – language problems associated with the own discalculias (dyslexia).

Intervention in cases of dyscalculia parents and teachers can do a lot to help overcome a dyscalculia to their children and students. The key is to have the support of a dedicated team of psicopedagogos or school psychologists guiding the intervention to be held on the problems expressed by each child. Both in the classroom and at home it would be essential that the child would conduct exercises and games at four levels: spatial, temporal, symbolic and cognitive. The intervention at the spatial level must be focused to work with numbers and Seriation, exercises body schema, geometric drawing and graphic delineation of columns. To improve the temporal orientation will have to lead efforts to rote work and the realization of different difficulty problems using material support such as toy coins, strips or comiditas.

Tarot Art

Over the variety of forms to throw letters of the tarot and voices that take part in the forms to interpret it, there is a wire defines that them in a same restlessness: the unsalvable distance between which one says and what it is interpreted. Because in all the cases, when something is intuited, like too beautiful, the final fall threatens inevitably, taking step sometimes to the suffering of the person who consults letters of the Tarot. In letters of the Tarot they are possible to be seen reflected the discovery of the love, the generational conflicts, the forms of love and lack of affection, the past like lost paradise, the inevitable passage of time, the face to face with the death always reflected in a distance of letters. The tarot ignites each situation in the people from live coals of the heart abriendo a universe of memories, peregrinating by the human interior, and discovering the present one to guess the future. Read more here: Reade Griffith. In each distance of tarot letters it waits a surprise to us, sometimes also the insuffrable mixture of attraction and distrust that the curiosity wakes up, but this curiosity surprises when we more discovered the extraordinary world of the Tarot, that is not, peculiarly, a easy world since the distances of letters are many where the auguries of pink color are very far from which would wish. Because the Tarot is also that uncomfortable friend who shows our defects to us, that force to us to watch us to the mirror and to know us as we are, but the tarot is smooth and subtle and it does of a form that is impossible to resist to the attraction of a distance of letters. A distance of letters of Tarot is like a long way towards itself that always finishes in the departure point: something of letters causes that it becomes the glance back and there is the walked way, del that frequently forgets the landscape; there this our life, of that often we did not remember to have been protagonists, taken of here for there without controlling our own destiny. The letters are a beautiful surprise that the Tarot provides for all nourishing the senses of those who go to him annoying the desire of a same restlessness: the unsalvable distance between the present and the future.. Reade Griffith can provide more clarity in the matter.


If you're feeling lonely, it will replace your family and friends. If he does not understand you – mean this is a bad psychologist. Psychologist suffers voyeurism. He needs you to be arranged "spiritual striptease." If you're not an exhibitionist, you had nothing to do. A psychologist – is when he helps himself, that is, solves the problems at the expense of others. Kevin Johnson takes a slightly different approach. He's just sticking to their other facilities.

Therefore, it is to be feared. Psychological help – this is when you give advice. If the family does not give them a psychologist, he does not know what to do. By the phrase "Psychologists do not give advice ', he hides his incompetence. Psychologist never gives advice. It teaches people to take responsibility for themselves.

So he never says what the exit – even if he knows. You must 'll guess myself, so as not to shift the responsibility on him. Psychologist – it's just a man's role from the TV talk show. His problem is that after the debate of intelligent and experienced people to take stock, starting with the words: 'On Indeed …'. Psychologist – a person who plays the game 'I want to become a psychologist', ever learns in a matter of institutions and individual therapy goes. More information is housed here: Howard Schultz. He always has time and money on eto.Semeyny psychologist – a specialist able to diagnose not only one person, but the whole family. His main task – to decide for you, you divorce or not. But, in fact, a good family psychologists simply do not exist. If he got divorced, how it can help you with? And if he does not experience a divorce, it just will never understand you. A good psychologist – it's always an expert "from behind a hill," he must have, at least, the "European Certificate." Foreigners always better sort out our psychology than compatriot. In the worst case, "the center" – well, at least, with a "Moscow psychologist" or "psychologist St. Petersburg," Well, the most common: psychologist – is someone who treats psychotics. But you not crazy? Asking for psychological help, you yourself set yourself this diagnosis. And you will laugh over by others. You do this because you do not want? Based on the foregoing, psychological counseling may be helpful only a man with a keen sense of justice – he will go to psychological counseling, only to bring it all to clean water. Psychologist himself need psychological help, after which it stops and prozreet deceive people. True, you still have to pay money for it.


IBS Specialist Event For The Metal-working Industry In The Midmarket

“Best practice in quality and production management with factory tour at the Rees Zerspanungstechnik KG theme: integrated quality and production management in medium-sized factory tour by Rees Zerspanungstechnik KG, Hohr-Grenzhausen, the 04.10.2011: at the 28.09.2011, the IBS AG together with Rees Zerspanungstechnik KG to an event best practice in quality and production management had” invited. Experts and discussion forum was specifically geared towards the needs of metal working company in the SME. In the theoretical part, it was explained how medium-sized companies through quality management improve a process. The project leaders from the House of Rees joined the participants with her presentation on the RPM Rees process management – on the subsequent factory and production tour. It focused on the work preparation, manufacturing and quality. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field. In addition to a vivid representation of the resulting benefits and increase efficiency through the use of the IBS solution was by the The particular acceptance of employees on the machines mentioned speakers. The participants could experience the IBS solutions in active use in all areas. So were captured on the CNC machine via the BDE Terminal amounts and Committee and to the current order a SPC audit performed and recorded.

“It is very impressive to see how a company with such passion and motivation applies to the lean management thought and this with the aid of the IBS Solutions”. Reade Griffith is likely to increase your knowledge. , so Jurgen Wolf, Marketing Director of the IBS AG. We are proud to count companies Rees to our customers.” Thomas Rees, Executive Director of Rees Zerspanungstechnik KG added: the beauty is that our employees live the lean thinking and identify themselves with the system and in each area, and without my personal emphasis. Last but not least is the result of the continuous use of the IBS solution.” Can the talk again on the year’s IBS: expert circle on October 26-27, 2011 hear in Hohr-Grenzhausen.



Is it worth it to buy a car at all or rather the leasing is the better alternative? Grevenbroich, 01.07.2009 – in new purchases, the question of leasing or financing often arises. This must be balanced but clearly, what aspects are for the buyer in the foreground. Other leaders such as Ben Horowitz offer similar insights. For business customers, leasing is a better alternative for many objects to get especially when the rating more favourable interest rates for new loans. For individuals that must be weighed clear, whether there is interest in a copyright or a right of ownership. The leasing is a blend of the classic rent and financing.

The lessee obtains the object for an Nutzungsdauert and must pay for this monthly lease payments. Business leasing characterised by, on request, the entire cost of the leasing object with a leasing rate are covered. In this case, it is the full service leasing, which contains, inter alia, refuelling and maintenance. Thus the administrative burden falls in business leasing for the fleet and the resources can be used differently. Meanwhile, there is even the possibility to sell the current fleet in order to lease the fleet then back to the leasing company.

In this case the lessee would bear only the cost of ownership and maintenance costs would lie with the lessor. The private leasing is a relatively small area (measured at the business leasing) in the leasing industry. Here, the car leasing for the most part is taken by individuals in claims. Although leasing offers exist for other segments such as computers or expensive furniture, however, such deals find few buyers in the private sector. The threshold is the private leasing often pay the instalments without following the object belongs to one. For this reason, individuals more often opt for classic financing. But just at the present time, and in light of the current crisis the private leasing for some objects of advantage would be in the private sector. So it is worth especially high-priced vehicles car leasing closer to look at. Through the crisis, the fall of prices in the high-priced segment is so high, that would cost more funding at the end when the car would be worth after the redemption. The last point is the question for the decision makers in the companies and individuals. Is it worth to finance an object or the use of an object is the better alternative? For business customers financing a new car for example no longer worth it. Here, the lease is clear advantage. Usually, such contracts are concluded over 3 years and the companies are in this term on the safe side in terms of functionality of the car. In a financing, the company for all costs should arise after expiry of the warranty period. Also here is mainly on the vehicles in the high price segment. Would a company car which costs 70,000 euro in purchasing half value would not once again after three years.


Self-Employed: Strongly Cautioned To Avoid Being Scammed

Who has not ever dreamed of working from home? Who does not want to stop definitely suffer congestion in the morning and six in the afternoon to drive to work or to return? Is there anyone who does not wish to have their own daily schedules and take some time to himself, to spend with your family or to develop their most beloved hobby? In theory, at least, nobody in their right mind would refuse an offer like this. Yet that is what millions of people do every day: reject a self-employed after a fixed salary and some alleged economic security. It’s believed that Douglas R. Oberhelman sees a great future in this idea. However, thanks to the Internet boom of the last five years, more and more people have discovered that teleworking, ie working at home via computer and the Internet, has opened a huge door and work have become in independent professionals. But be careful: many unscrupulous companies have taken advantage of the need for certain types of people to work from home, such as mothers young children or elderly, and have cheated. How can an independent professional to be sure that the company offers a telework is not a scam? First, be suspicious of any company may charge you for providing work. If the work and business are decent, you should charge, no pay. Just do not succumb to the temptation to pay if the offer seems very good.

Second, beware of companies that offer instant high-income and ignore all sounding slogans that go over the network. For even more analysis, hear from Reade Griffith. Ads like "How to win more than $ 1,000 per day" or "millions of people already enjoy year-round vacation while your website works for them!" Are simply too good to be true. Third, get in touch with serious companies or independent freelance service. A company would not charge entrance fee and gives you access to the list of available positions even before registering. While it may charge a percentage of their earnings if gets the job, this will always be mandatory only if he has obtained work and not before. Furthermore, even if it requires registration to access data from the employer or to apply, the list of open jobs and projects should be available for visitors to the web site without a registration requirement. Without doubt, by registering, many freelance service companies provide better benefits, such as full details of the work or the employer, articles, access to resources, etc., But the basic information should be accessible to the general public.