Organizational Business Success

We will see how corporate writing is an effective, practical and low cost that can bring many benefits to organizations.1. External relations. Companies are listed every day with people and many disparate entities generically call others (although sometimes they may be closely linked to the company.) This includes suppliers, investors, shareholders, media, customers, competitors, Administration, general public.

These relationships are initiated and developed largely through documents, among many others: Annual reports, government reports and corporate responsibility, journals, corporate blogs, etc. , Etc. Submit a document a effective and well developed in the substance and form, produce, among others, these favorable effects:Promoting good relations with the economic and social environment.Improve the ability to influence the market.

Convey a positive and professional image.Facilitate new business opportunities. 2. Internal relations. a A sailboat can not come to fruition without the cooperation of all hands. A football team can not win titles without the effort of all members. Similarly, a non- can progress if all members do not paddle in the same direction. It is clear that to give guidance, ask questions or propose solutions business members speak (or should speak) every day. But it is also true that the most important messages, the most complex, and they have to be known by all, should (or should contain) in writing. Examples of internal documents: Reports, training and motivation programs for employees, newsletters, minutes of meetings.