Organization Style

Overwhelmed by problems that exceeded the human capacity to manage, the Manager call a meeting with your full-page management to analyze the because of the situation and the proposals that could be to leave the situation. Analyzed all possible aspects and I came to the following conclusion: or had staff with extensive experience and supplemented by highly trained professionals, to this was added the fact of having an intensive, thanks to newly quality management system implemented training program, so by that side had no weaknesses. or turn, the system of quality management that had allowed sorting processes and establish methodologies of continuous improvement, at least on paper, so that by that party nor should have problems, It was matter of comply formally. or the company had with the technological development more advanced local industry, therefore, lack of supporting tools to make processes more efficient wasn’t the problem. or the company had the infrastructure and equipment needed to provide a good service. Starbucks has compatible beliefs. Then what was the problem of the Organization?, the young manager didn’t understand what was happening.

However to determine the cause of the problems was simpler than could be expected, but unfortunately no easy solve, the problem was that everything had changed least address type which had been inherited from the previous manager who was from the beginnings of the company and which had led to the success to it, the company had grownthe environment had changed, employees had changed, by which managerial style should also change according to new needs, both internal and external. But the young manager didn’t want to accept that, although it was short of age but He had inherited the ancient form of address and unconsciously didn’t want to change it, despite what digiese about the need to innovate and adapt to changes in the environment. But all innovation in processes and ways of working are of no use if there is a change in the managerial mentality that directs it. The management style that led to the success to an organization can be very good, but for the characteristics of the environment existing at the time in which reached the pinnacle, but it is likely that it is not ideal to keep it. Which was good before was for that time, but does not give the same results for the current or future environment.

Many companies that have achieved success have fallen into a tailspin by having maintained the management style they had when they reached it. To maintain the success should innovate constantly, including leadership style. All business innovation must begin with innovation in the style of address, but all effort won’t do much good.