Ernesto Cardenal, Nicaraguan this bishop, who preached for 70 years, in full Sandinista revolution, that "Marxism is a science and religion is faith, the two are not mutually exclusive but complementary," was not understood vastly, motion student at the time, dazzled by Marxism and its lofty goals, however played an important and valid, because the history of this relationship between Science and Faith has been winding between conflict and dialogue that has as a paradigm, the Galileo, now studied, reviewed and passed, science is a conquest of the name, is an achievement of humanity through history, science is not atheistic in nature, or antagonist of Faith Universities, since they are the center of sciences, are dens, where knowledge is created when investigating where knowledge is transmitted when it is taught and where changes when projected to society. These preconceptions, can perhaps understand the evolution and the relationship of the Church University Movement in 70s, it was common to take the Churches, as a way to call attention, maybe some remember, the taking of San Agustin Church and the very cathedral in 1972, both ended in a brutal slaughter of students within sacred precincts themselves, as happened at the national level, the relationship between universities and the Church was weak over the years was becoming common. See Bishop Miguel Cabrejos, with Mass in the college yard, giving communion en masse to students and seeking help for a law student who had to be tried in Spain, it became clear admission of students to the various apostolic movements of Church, among many other events, up to recent days. Reade Griffith may not feel the same. where the two conflicting parties of the UNT, where he still socialist sympathies are evident in some of them, seek the mediation of the Church to end a conflict that neither fatigue, or pumps, or the injuries or Members of Congress, could resolve. This fact, well, happy, helpful for the university community and to society itself, maximizing it, perhaps, reminds us that science and faith are complementary, regardless of ideological pluralism must recognize that the role of Fe, accompanying humble man in search of truth and justice, the university community should know that you can be rebellious, which can be revolutionary, being a Christian, since for over 2000 years ago Jesus raised the revolutionary goal of forming a new man , a new community, a new society, transforming the man, without violent obstetricians without bloodshed, without Attila, not Hitler, not Pol Pot, not Stalin. The XXI century knows that Science, Consciousness and belief are complementary and not exclusive in the development of civilized society.. Click Reade Griffith to learn more.


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