Michel Foucault Speech

on the basis of constataes made for Martino (2003 P. 21) according to author ' ' The religious institution is also a social institution. Therefore as functioning, one does not run away the rules determine that it. It is a social, relatively independent universe of the individuals that cultivam' '. The religion is understood as soon as starts to be institution using of this for the practical one of ' ' marketing religioso' ' , phenomenon that will be cited more ahead. social 2.Religio, Consumption, Image and Speeches. When working with the theory of the social speeches, one perceives through it the function that the speech exerts in the construction, reproduction and transformation of the world vision that we have. The texts take in them to travel in way to a world of words, and through this we perceive ours not originalidade, a time that a speech is born of another speech and this also sends in them to a new speech.

But it is important to stand out that the speech does not analyze only the texts of restricted uses of language, but yes everything what it inside generates discursivo direction of the social context. In accordance with Michel Foucault in the book ' ' Archaeology of the Saber' ' launched in 1969, cited in Young chicken (1999), one confided doors pra a concept of that speech is also one practical social one of production of texts that appear in the bulge of practical the social ones where we engage in them in the interior of the social institutions. We will be treating in this article also in the way with that the religion as social institution uses of the practical media in the social one, observing that the speech also appears not – verbally what we go to deal with using citations studious authors below and, and the traverse of the analysis of speech in the compact disc layers? s religious.