Matrical Structure

Operational level, technician or Nucleus technician. He is on to the basic problems day to day and is where the tasks and operations are carried through, involving the basic works in such a way related with the production of products as of services of the organization. It is a level that commands all the operation of an organization and is in it that machines be situated, the equipment, physical installations, the assembly line, the offices, having the responsibility to assure the functioning of a system. The organizations are of certain form, system opened, therefore many times appear the uncertainties of the environment, however they are capable of if anticipating if defending and if adjusting they. They also can be closed system, a time that this level operates technologically with half rationals. It is efficient, therefore in it the operations follow a standardized, repetitive routine and procedures.

The structure and the behavior of an organization are contingent, because they face on constaints its technologies and environment of tasks. It does not have, however, a way specific, or better, to organize and to structuralize an organization. The contingencies for being different in each organization, have a variation in its structures and behaviors. Organizacional drawing Matrical Structure? Also called first, it is the management in grating or management for project, either even so different of the departamentalizao for project, therefore this does not imply a grating or matrix. . The essence of the matrical organization is to combine the two forms of departamentalizao, departamentalizao functionary and of products and projects? in the same organizacional structure.

One is about a hybrid structure. Organization for teams? The most recent trend has been the effort of the organizations in implementing the concepts of equips. The vertical chain of command constitutes a powerful one of control half, but its fragile point is to shoot the responsibility for the top. The boarding of you equip becomes the agile organization most flexible and the global and competitive environment. Division of the work and specialization? Through studies carried through for the scientific management, with the division of the work it occurs specialization of the collaborator and consequent increase of the production. Production in series? For the basic principles of Ford, implementing the standardization and the assembly line, scrumble the costs and allow the production in series, making possible to produce the prices low what before the rich ones only could consume the Contingency: The contingency opposes it the necessity notion, not to the one of determination. The action is always contingent, because its opposite is always possible.