Marine Yacht

Surely you would like to have your own parusnuyuyahtu, albeit small, in order to at least occasionally go into the ocean, enjoy the fresh sea breeze and feel "navigator" – vlastelinommorey. This great desire, and many of the special already achieved this goal and have acquired a yacht. Michael Antonov follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Postpone the issue until the purchase price yachts. Yachts mogutochen differ greatly from each other, both in materials from which onisdelany and the size and configuration. So that the spread in prices for yachts ochensuschestvenny. We take a closer look at the question of skolkohozyainu yacht costing its content, and that it included.

Let's start with the parking meter yacht. Not always have to surf yacht marine prostory. of the time, bought the yacht is berthed, or "garage" dlyayaht. In many ways, the place of permanent stationing of the yacht depends otrazmerov yacht. The bigger the boat, the harder it is to hold regular "notch" yahtyiz water and its delivery in closed dry room or in another place on the land. What are the pros storing boats, an indoor space? With such storage is not a yacht subjected to strong perepadamtemperatur in winter, there is no risk of damage to the yacht shtormovymivolnami or wind. On land, the yacht is not exposed to the ravages vozdeystviyumorskoy water. Yes, and physical safety boat in a protected territoriiili indoors significantly higher than in water. If you have a place where the boat will be stored – vamochen lucky. You deposit the yacht will not cost much money.