Location Pipeline

Pipelines main types are laid under the ground, laying on the ground inside the mound is only permitted in exceptional circumstances, which must be good reasons for this should be carried out activities that will ensure safe and reliable use of the pipeline. As a rule, parallel pipelines are constructed flowlines. Pipeline system, parallel laid on one track, called "technical corridor pipelines" In some cases, the feasibility study and provided the stability of pipelines may be strip of several pipelines in one technical corridor. The main oil pipeline is needed to pump oil from storage areas and production of oil to refineries, oil base, loading points, In other words, to consumers. Pipelines vary in technical indicators, as it is: the number of intermediate and head pumping stations, the working pressure in the pipeline, the length of the pipe with all transitions, etc. Legislative separation between these pipelines do not. During the construction of pipelines used gosts and snips. In general, pipelines, built as fishing, over time, reconstructed: replaced plugs, flanges, fittings, to eliminate the defects, and after such pipelines fall under the pipelines for all its technical parameters..