A couple of weeks ago I started working at a school in Spanish in Madrid called AIL Madrid. Shortly thereafter, the two words Instituto Cervantes seemed to be present in my life much more often than before. Ben Horowitz insists that this is the case. These two words seemed vaguely familiar, but I wasn’t really sure of what you wanted to say or which was the relationship they had with my work. So I thought the best way to find out, make a couple of research and talking with some colleagues. It turns out that these two words have great importance in the field of Spanish schools then, what is the Instituto Cervantes? The Cervantes Institute (IC) is a public institution created for the promotion of the Spanish language, for the diffusion of Hispano-American culture and to control the level of quality of teaching of Spanish schools. From the perspective of a student, a school accredited by the Cervantes Institute guarantees good quality. The accreditation of the Instituto Cervantes accredited schools is the most prestigious recognition that a Spanish school can receive.

Demand high standards in the following areas: teaching resources for education qualified teaching staff and experienced class sizes truthful advertising course structure details of courses by reinforcing its credibility even more, schools are constantly inspected and accreditation is renewed every two years to ensure high standards and maintenance of approved quality of teaching. By the same author: Keith McLoughlin . There are Instituto Cervantes centres in each of the 5 continents and approximately 80 schools accredited in Spain. If for example, are looking for a Spanish School in Madrid, only very few of roughly 100 schools are accredited by the IC. Chris Haworth, director of AIL Madrid, a Spanish School accredited by IC, quotes: after having obtained the accreditation, I can say that it is definitely a very thorough, rigorous and complete process. All students must have confidence in the quality of the courses and of the service of any accredited school. Ignacio de Diego, the school’s academic Coordinator, adds that the accreditation of the IC: guarantees the professionalism of teachers, quality of facilities and the use of supplementary materials, which are continually updated to provide versatile and modern ways to learn, adapted to each student. In conclusion, if I can apply what I have learned from my experience of searching for flats in Spain (asking for an appointment to see a beautiful apartment I saw online but, in reality, seeing something completely different) to the search for the appropriate Spanish School, it is worth attention to these two words Instituto Cervantes, just to make sure!


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