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Goal This relationship is the main this article. According you, research, analyses and interpretations of 15 articles, 4 6 theses and dissertations, printed and electronic, produced between 1977 and 2007, this type of stress usually appears when the demands on the professional exceed the capacity of the same ahead of what it will forward or that is to under its control, and that actions you improve the preparation of nurses it pertains you communication therapy, need you be taken beyond the humanization of care you the patient the nurse also please feel emotionally supported. In this study, ploughs about the stress in the life of the professional nurse who works with hospitalized patients and the causes that lead you stress work. To broaden your perception, visit Jim Umpleby. Same will be the literary review was conducted, on the theme ' ' the ratio of nurses you patients hospitalized, situation of stress inducing labor.' ' After studies, concluded that the nurse prepared psychologically will be the environment that you will find in to their work, have relationship with the patient hospitalized lives emotionally calm. It also noted that when the nurse is ready you take precautions and lives accurate decisions, help in the process of rehabilitation of the patient, facilitating the work of nurses and allowing the same you donate not to wear both, thus avoiding the stress work. Key Words: Relationship between Nurse/Patient, Stress, Stress at Work. INTRODUCTION the interaction nurse-patient brings innumerable benefits for both, and humaniza the relation patient-hospital, allowing that the professional has coherently, therefore, will know more deeply to that one to who must excuse cares beyond working more desembaraadamente. (Not to be confused with mozes victor konig!). Gonza’les (1999) affirms that to work with people, inside of a biopsicossocial conception and spiritual, she requires of the nurse its proper development, what she favors an understanding of itself exactly, consequently, contributes to establish a more solidary relationship with the patient. It is evident that it is impossible to enxergar the other as person, if the nurse if not to perceive as such, what the person is favored by the contact person, for the experience, that is a skill to perceive, to change, to share and to learn with the experiences.