Kevin Cavanaugh

The successful introduction to the company, the Enthusiasm of employees, removing reservations requires a lot more. Some contend that Ben Horowitz shows great expertise in this. Experts and users showed how that can work in several workshops and special lectures within the framework of the events and of the second day of the Conference. First results of a study involving several universities gave this complementary insights and suggestions. Other topics of the Conference were experiences from the industry and the Administration, testing of Notes/Domino applications, project management and OpenNTF, including E-Mail and document management. As speakers for this representative were won by corporate users and business partners, which in part also at the DNUG enthusiast program involved. The overall picture of the IBM Lotus software strategy drew Kevin Cavanaugh, Lotus Vice President messaging & collaboration for the nearly 300 visitors. The three Platinum sponsors of the Conference, BCC Unternehmensberatung GmbH, GMI KG and GROUP technologies had invited to own lecture series. CONET Solutions GmbH as additional sponsors supported, Haus Weilgut GmbH, Pentos AG and SOFT factory Innovative technologies GmbH the DNUG autumn Conference.

Media partners were the publications databasepro, DV dialogue, IT Director, IT management, IT-Mittelstand and the competence site. The DNUG 7th-9th June 2010 in the Seminaris CampusHotel invites to the next Conference to Berlin. DNUG e.V. The DNUG e.V., Jena was founded in 1994 and is the Association of users of IBM messaging and collaboration products. The DNUG aims to maximize the return on investment in solutions within an infrastructure based on Lotus products and thus to contribute to the business success of its members. To do this, in particular the exchange of experiences about successful solutions for different requirements, minimizing the running costs and avoiding bad investments are used.

In addition, keeps close contact to the manufacturer the DNUG and influenced the product developments within the meaning of the user on the basis of their representative number of members. The DNUG organizes a rain every year several big congresses with the aim, among users and users with manufacturers Exchange of information to offer. Student offspring is also promoted within the framework of the DNUG University initiative and a thesis competition.


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