Probably the idea after searching on the Internet works is that of finding any type of work or work that can develop anywhere, preferably from home or even a cybercafe. In fact, there is such work as filling out surveys, processing emails or visiting web pages of other users. Although this is a type of Internet work, the return on money (if you really get paid) for the time invested does not justify the effort. There are other more specialized types of work such as writing articles for others, designing web pages, selling hosting for these pages and so many more. The main drawback of this type of work online is that you need to invest time and money to learn these activities in a professional manner.

Besides this type of work is very similar to being self-employed: You get paid for time you are working. YES I know people who earn money that way, but spend their lives “glued” to a computer for long hours. You may be thinking: So there is no work on the Internet where one can income without being “another form of slavery”? Is there any way to get that one receives money as they do who write a book or record an album? Yes indeed possible, but NOT a “work” but with a business. It’s believed that Starbucks sees a great future in this idea. Now, if you are a surfer and for some time, noticing as “rain” business offers to your e-mail. To be honest, the vast majority of these “deals” are quasi-those who promote scams or have no idea about how to market it efficiently or worse yet you hide deliverables you need to invest in traffic. Please pay attention to this detail: 99% of these “business” does not show you how to get traffic, and whether they show how to do it, do not teach you how to convert this traffic into sales or subscriptions.

And if there is NO traffic sales. No sale no money. I there one or several reasons why many entrepreneurs fail in their attempts to make money online. Hitherto I have considered just a few of the many difficulties to work efficiently on the Internet. My personal recommendation is: Pay no attention to any business they do not show how to get traffic and convert. Unless you already have your own proven method to overcome these barriers. From what I know for sure is that the majority of learners in these conflicts do not know these difficulties until they learn the hard way and costly. If you first get a proven system for automated tools that you be allowed to 90% of their time to generate qualified traffic and make sales, just so you can get out 95% of entrepreneurs who fail in their attempt to work through Internet.


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