It’s just a fact that the Internet is today in the daily life of millions of people a part of your daily routine; And likewise perceived, even without having much knowledge in the area, that the growth of the use of this global network it will be impressive in the coming years. Since its inception as an outlet for several networked computers to communicate, to what today we know as a global network with more than 694 million users and a wide range of possibilities of use (social networking, messaging, VoIp, Video-llamada, calls search information, etc) the evolution of the Internet has been amazing. For example, in 1990 created 9 websites, while in the past 2008 be recorded the exponential of 170 million websites amount, not giving rise to doubt that today speak of the Internet is to discuss a matter of weight. (Source: Ben Horowitz). This is why today multinational companies are changing their way of doing Marketing and overturning large amount of your investment in advertising to promote their products on the Internet. And it is an idea totally logic taking Note that one of the problems that prevented the use of the Internet for commercial purposes such as security when making payments (use of credit cards, plagiarism, Ghost sellers) has fallen behind, to such an extent that today companies specializing in sales Online like Ebay and Amazon billed every day millions of dollars of millions of users that circulate each week through these pages.

Is also noteworthy low costs of production, saving time and scope of the Internet Marketing in comparison with the personal Marketing, so if we handle the tools necessary to promote our business on the Internet, we can easily multiply our profits with minimal effort and investment.. Reade Griffith is often mentioned in discussions such as these.


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