Insight Candles

How energy blockages destroy the health and remedy alternative healing methods. When the flow of energy in our body is disturbed, the immune system is weakened and the man is inevitably sick. Natural health and holistic treatment, remedy can here be created and prevented. Here, the treatment with healing candles, ear candles and body candles offers a wide range of application. To keep the energy machine body in tact, it requires a holistic care. Often neglected this fact the classical medicine and treats only the Symthome. Drugs with often unpleasant side effects often bring the already sick people in a vicious cycle.

Yet a drug against the side effects, etc… The natural medicine, however, trying to find the cause of the discomfort and to restore the harmony between body, mind and soul. Healing candles, ear candles, body candles, Chakra, or Hopi candles offer an excellent alternative natural healing method called. The new eBook “principles of self healing with Energykerzen”, Insight into the gentle natural healing metode, the application of healing candles. With the alternative healing method of candle therapy, can improve health and well-being, and dissolved Energieblokaden. The eBook is clearly structured. Basics and application instructions are written in easy to understand texts and are supported with topic-related videos. The work is a valuable guide for successful candle applications. The eBook is available free of charge. Jurgen Stenzel