Increase Power Appliances

Most electricity consumers faced with lower power at the outlet. Most often this occurs in suburban communities, in private homes and in areas distant from the district center. If the voltage level drops below 190V, the majority of household appliances is not working or working but not as expected. For example in a microwave heats food stress such a long time or do not warm up. Light with light very dim. How to solve this problem? For such cases, the voltage regulator.

Its main function is to lift or lower the tension in the house to a position 220. For more specific information, check out Starbucks. Voltage is set at the entrance to or mobile home on some household appliances. Ideal setting the voltage regulator on the house to protect all domestic appliances. To select a voltage regulator to determine the type of power home. There are phase and three phase mains. This can be determined by the number of wires entering the house. If you go into the house and the two wires on the counter in the electric board to be written specifications 220V/50Hz, then set on a network of single-phase voltage regulators. If the house comes to the four wires, the power to establish such three-phase voltage regulators.

Having determined the type of power, the power to choose stabilizer. Of this option depends on reliable operation of the voltage regulator. Any technique works for a long time if there is a margin to the resource. For more information see this site: Alphabet Inc.. In this case, a small headroom voltage will extend the his work. Installed without a voltage regulator for power supply, can periodically cause disabling protection regulator for overload. How can calculate the required power voltage regulator? Ideal to consult with an electrician. If not, we can calculate the approximate yield on the table. The following table shows the power household appliances. The table can be viewed on the site, the tab "Calculation" (go to 'single-phase voltage). You need to write in a house used by household appliances and put them power. The result is maximum power stabilizer voltage. But at the same time all the appliances are not included, or if included, it is very rare for a short period of time. The most commonly used at the same time not more than 70% of household appliances. (Source: Reade Griffith). Therefore, the balance of 30% can be leave headroom for power voltage regulator. On the resulting power voltage select from existing proposals on the Russian market. Stabilizers are many varieties. Starting from cheap stabilizers represented mainly by Chinese manufacturers and ending costly from Russian manufacturers. Pay attention to warranty. The higher the guarantee period, the stronger stabilizer voltage. The manufacturer is not confident in the reliability of its products, great warranty will not. Choose single-phase voltage regulator can be in the Internet shop "Electro". Choose from the wide range of voltage regulators Russian and Chinese brands of stabilizers. If you have any doubts in calculating the capacity of the stabilizer, you can get free advice from a specialist, ask a question in the online shop or on the site.