ORGANIZATIONS ADHERE Sergio Diaz, Coordinator of national youth Tehuelches grouping for the demonstration, reported that he is working in different places and will perform various types of actions, such as marches, cultural activities and delivery of information. He explained that in recent days joined Antofagasta, which responds to the concern of the rest of the country with this type of project, as well as also the twin us as Chileans around the conflicts that unite us and the things that are happening in Chile. Julio Meier, fly fisherman, director of the Chamber of tourism of Coyhaique and leader of the Committee of recreational fishing, comprising 95% of the companies in the region, also joined the call. We are inviting to all our partners manifest in this great activity on day 29, because we have always been supporting clusters that are defending the natural resources of Aysen said, adding that it has the time to demonstrate that natural resources are not traded. We are a tourism development of Aysen, and these projects seriously affect our sector, therefore we declare us opponents since we are by another avenue of development for the region. By artisanal fishers of the cooperative Chairman of artisanal fishermen and shipowners of Puerto Aguirre, Honorino Angulo, indicated that we talked much with the Government and has not listened to us. Today to do joint strength with our colleagues who took away the freshwater and sea are taking us, therefore now must show the Government that this is not a region to come to plunder.

Today we must do strength, therefore I invite my colleagues to 29 are all telling him not to HidroAysen and not the acquires who come to pollute our region. On behalf of the organizations of the southern area of Aysen, Victor Formantel, explained that the country with the coastal people are working since long time United, and the idea is to strengthen the bonds of unity that we have developed. In Tortel there will be demonstration, Cochrane a March and a matted, also in Chile Chico, whereas residents of Villa Cerro Castillo and Bahia Murta will come to Coyhaique or moved to Cochrane, while in Villa O’Higgins, are also preparing activities. Francine Herrera, Chile Chico, reported in the Sun City will they join the neighbors Autoconvocados in the former grouping in defense of Buenos Aires Lake (in Chile Lake General Carrera), and the idea will be to make Marquez, where begins the international road, with the idea of walking by all the populations so that people can see that we are showing us a demonstration at 3 in the afternoon on the bridge. Then we will make a mate to invite the community to share, ending with an artistic show that people express that opposes dams. Finally, Alejandro de el Pino pointed out that the motivation of the manifestation is not only this project HidroAysen, there are many who are moving in Puyehue, in San Pedro, in the same Bio Bio, Quinteros with coal, i.e., are a series even at the northern area with the mining companies and the intervention of groundwater. And many others that relate to water and energy, and which are being cause of conflicts in different parts of Chile. FURTHER information journalists Patricio Segura Ortiz9 9699780 / Mitzi Urtubia9 2256238 / Andrea Winkler8 8271644 / original author and source of the article.