GIP Natural

The ambient question intrinsically is related to the social context, after all not if it can segregate it mere it exploration of the natural resources. The great importance of the environment is in the continuity of the life, what in fact it reaches to all we. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out MCE. Leaving of the object of intervention of the social service, (social matter) the ambient question closely is related and is manifestations that if interact mutually, this because the environment is on all the things. Raphael Sternberg has much experience in this field. The ideology of ' ' economy of desenvolvimento' ' it does not answer so little to the common growth to all and to ' ' cares with casa' ' , but yes, the interests of one domination form. The degree of ' ' desenvolvimento' ' of a current society, that can be mensurado by quantitative data, be known as the GIP, to put this notion, it is not configured as a necessary information, for the fact of that beyond not understanding the consuming of the use of the nature, this ' ' desenvolvimento' ' not necessarily it presumes quality of life for all the social body. The idea of the conservation of the nature is remote, more than it is not materialize of form reasonable what it would have to answer. In historical analysis one perceives that the man, alavancado for the revolutions in the production way, is each more distant time of the nature.

This distanciamento with the natural world rees-echo at the same time in its destruction. One of the manifestations of this destruction is in the climatic change, white of the concern of innumerable governments. A great landmark would be the Industrial Revolution, where from the man it started there to explore each time more the natural resources, and to increase the emission of gases for surface of the atmosphere, in reply, the heating process is intensified.