With the loss of work or being in an unstable financial situation, many people think that it might help to start their own business and work on yourself. But how to implement it, if hopes for a loan very little, and the initial capital is not collected? Russian Center for Employment of population gives its assistance in this regard. Enough to contact the department to promote self-employment population to the issue of opening their own case. Must be a diploma in Front of your education and work record, and specify the scope of precedence. Department of Employment themselves engaged in registration of your securities, payment of all duties and therefore recorded on your business courses for beginners, which are held free of charge. The first step is to register at the employment center no later than six months after job loss.

It should also be submit a letter of salary for the last 3 months of work. The center offers free training to help in search and mestoraboty owning their own business. Once all issues are solved and courses passed, the state provides the novice entrepreneur grant of an annual payment of unemployment benefits. Subsidy need to invest in business development in up to six months from the date of receipt. For each step, and costs should be shown the report to the Centre. Business controlled by the state for 1 year.

During this time, the businessman has the right to close the firm and must show certificates of profits, even if no income. Also a certain amount of hired workers to deduct the Pension Fund. In any case, hope for the development of their business without proper resources available. It remains only how to plan further action for profit.


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