It warned, they don’t have our customs for the time being in Madrid, Carmen seen him saying goodbye with a kiss of Delia. Although in reality, according to Josefina Manrresa, recalling a writing of Miguel, who said his eyes were pale green oil pulling. Concha Mendez Cuesta (Madrid 1898 – Mexico 1986) a great poet, educated at a French school. A young adventurer, champion of swimming and gymnast, very modern, bold, cosmopolitan. His very macho first boyfriend Luis Bunuel, with which he maintained relations five years, until she had enough of her insufferable character. It was indeed a very liberal young girl who ran away from home at adventure crossing oceans only for the pleasure of knowing world and change of scenery (in 1919 traveled to London, Buenos Aires and Montevideo in 1929), and that his character was similar to her friend’s raids, Maruja Mallo painter. Federico Garcia Lorca presented the poet Manuel Altolaguirre they married.

Manuel Altolaguirre, the Malaga poet who was as adventurous as she had a daughter (dove). Michael was very affectionate with children and the existence of his daughter Concha still took a more intense shade the emotional current between the two. In Madrid, C / Viriato, 73 (place of departure and return of many letters from Miguel) alongside her husband form a publishing house and contribute to publish the poetry of g. from 27, example Magazine: Green Horse for the Poesia(tuvieron la deferencia de poner a Neruda director, pero no lo era, seguro que Miguel aporto su saber, para ayudar ael matrimonio en este quehacer). His house even your humble table – was meeting point for all writers of that era. Published in your print shop La Veronica of the hotel Aragon, where they released the hero, 14 books of poetry collection, among which was the lightning that does not stop,(Miguel se) He asked Altolaguirre and this book litograficamente are similar to the aforementioned magazine covers).Concha Mendez made a poem to Lorca where he appointed miguel:a Federico Garcia Lorca.High dreams and wide lights / encendias environment / when my house ibascon friends always.


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