Electronic Billing

It is increasingly common to hear talk about the use of electronic invoices, and this is because it is a new system that provides better management and comforts to those who are part of the business area. In Mexico in particular, electronic invoicing was approved by the tax administration service since May 2004. Electronic invoicing, which has the same validity as printed, is used to verify transactions between client, deliveries of goods or services or good, forcing the client to perform a corresponding payment. Electronic invoicing, can be both sent, as archived or transferred via different types of electronic media and in the same way, it is possible to print it, according to the specifications laying down the SAT. As set forth in the tax administration service, between January 5 and 26 November 2005, about 257 Mexican companies, have chosen to implement this type of tax vouchers digital. The passage of the last 7 years, the figure has increased significantly, in large part because the pioneering companies are advocates for change in companies that have business relations, so that the use of electronic invoicing has expanded very quickly..