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ABS Kobler alarm AG offers comprehensive service round the subject of security technology St. Gallen April 23, 2013: the days are finally getting longer, the Sun is shining and the temperatures climb back into the double digits. The beautiful weather lures us out in nature and encourages us to do something again. But also the time the burglars enjoy throughout the winter starts with the spring. Because in the summer it is forgotten quickly to close a window or to leave the shutters down.

At the present time, too little homeowners about an alarm system or other security systems have although the penetration into the home for most people is a big shock. Not only that someone in the apartment was and valuable items took with burglars invade the private sphere of a human and get insights that no one else gets outside the family. Is the question posed by many after a break-in, where you can feel safe anymore, not even in their own four walls”, tells Remo Keller, Managing Director of ABS alarm. But you can protect yourself from, or significantly curb at least the risk of a housing slump. Windows and doors have the biggest deficits in terms of security. Often the burglar need not even large tools or excessive force to open a locked door. In a few moments, the Act is completed and the slump has been successful. The amazing thing is that the most break-ins happen to middle of the day and not as perhaps expected in the night.

“Because thieves inform in advance about their victims and their social situation, they know exactly if and when the owner at work are and whether the apartment has an alarm system”, the specialist safety technology in Frauenfeld and St. reported gall. However, the time periods, where most residents are at home, and that to be caught is the greatest danger are the evening and night. Many make also the mistake of intrusion alarm systems only in the evening or during the period of leave to turn on and not when they leave the House for a few hours a day. In addition, window lowered tilted left open or only the roller shutters and just to invite the thief. The team of ABS alarm agrees, with the installation of a possible many burglar alarms, a variety of dips could be prevented and fail in the attempt.” The security concepts of professionals for security technology in St. Gallen targeted offered according to the wishes and needs of the customer and selected after intensive advice together, because each individual’s desire for security is different. A combination of electronic and mechanical safety guards, which are both easy to use and do not exceed the price expectations of the customers on the other hand is ideal. For this reason we develop a personal and customised safety concept for each of our customers and care for them even after the installation of our burglar alarms.